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I need some specification standard of WiFi and WiMAX bandpass filter such as insertion loss,return loss,out of band, ripple....... How can I find them?
In terms of insertion loss, lower Er is better because your tracks will be wider and therefore lower conductor loss. That is, 2.2 is better.
Hi, is there a way to enter properties of a real filter to VSS's filter model. Currently i choose one model(chebyshew,butterworth, eliptic etc..) and trying to match it's properties with the real one's. It takes a long time. I want to enter insertion loss at different frequencies.
3 pin ceramic resonators are common in low cost Rx radios for the IF filter at 10.7MHz and LO = 28MHz+10.7MHz for low leakage of LO and low insertion loss of BPF. This allows lower noise floor and lower injection required to stimulate mixing and improved image rejecti
Is related to loaded-Q tuning of the resonators part of the filter. This is the reason that sometime a multi-pole filter can have less inband insertion loss (S21), than let's say a 3-pole filter. The resonators part of the multi-pole filter could get higher Q because they are less "loaded" (...)
Actually the total filter insertion loss is the sum of the: loss due to the impedance mismatch at the filter input, the second is due to the mismatch at the filter output, and the third is due to the dissipative loss on each reactive element. One think have always to (...)
Hello, I'm designing a sensor analog chain ending to an ADC from TI (ADS6442 : ). The Drive CIrcuit Requirements (p49) says : "the drive circuit may have to be designed to provide a low insertion loss over the desired frequency range and matched impedance to the source. While doing this, the
hello I need help in my sss filter which operate at 1.8GHz. I am supposed to meet the spec of -20dB return loss and small insertion loss. I use RT Duroid 3010 as substrate and use transmission line as feeding line. I did study from many examples on designing using HFSS, but seems like my design is having problem. my s21 (...)
Because this is a Spectrum Analyzer application, that requires high front-end linearity, I would go even further with the design. SBL, SRA, and almost all the diode mixers are very sensitive to the IF port termination, is good to place a diplexer at the IF port, before the high-pass filter. The attached one provides low insertion loss and (...)
I require high selectivity filter. A bandwidth of 5MHz, passband insertion loss<= -10 dB, stopband attenuation at +-20MHz >=40dB. LC filter cannot provide these specifications. The specification involves a higher order filter, independent of the used technology. In case of an active (...)
Yes you can do it this filter with lumped elements but the insertion loss will be very high due to high selectivity requirements because you will have to use many lossy components. Instead, if you can design a helical/rod EM coupled filter in a good cavity, the insertion (...)
I would put in a bandpass filter, broadband enough so it had low insertion loss. If there are not too many jamming signals, a simple lowpass might work too. After that, a passive limiter makes sense.
A big number in impedance ratio was one of the things I did mention in the first row. 1:50 is rather big in my RF-world as any losses in first part of matching network, will be multiplied with same ratio as remaining network impedance ratio. Typical insertion loss at these frequencies is handheld low power things. They are numerical the most
What are your specifications ?? Midband insertion loss, Out-of-band Rejection@Offset frequency, Lumped or Distributed, Implementing Space ( small or no limit)..
If you use this substrate with that bandwidth, insertion loss will be very high. Consider higher permitivity..
This should be easy to fine just g00gle. But you should do a quick line up to see if you can get there with one amp. For example Assume the following: InPut Pwr = ? (What do you need to have as your I/P vs what do you have) filter insertion loss = ~3dB attenuation (-3db) (...)
hi guys i am using HFSS to design multilayer filter using LTCC technology though based on simulation i have high in-band insertion loss 8 dB i think its due to using via holes anyway what can i do to minimize the effect of that ?? thanks in advance regards
Dear all I want to model a power splitter with a datasheet. I used Hybrid90 (Ideal 90-degree Hybrid Coupler) which need these specification:(from ADS help) loss insertion loss (dB) GainBal Gain balance between output ports (dB) PhaseBal Phase balance between output ports (degree) I need it for a filter which is (...)
If you can accept the big insertion loss, you can divide and then combine two branches. If not, it is not right to just combine them.
hi, some professor how can i get the following formulas, the insertion loss of the single resonator:L(f)=-10log{(1+(2QL*(f-f0)/f0)^2)/(1-(QL/QU)^2)}; the insertion loss of the filter: L(f)=-10log{((1+QE/QU)^2/2kQE+kQE/2)^2+2((1+QE/QU)^2/k^2-QE^2)((f-f0)/f0)^2+4((QE/k)^2((f-f0)/f0)^4} thank you!

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