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Sorry foe late, dell-inspiron-3520 Schematics Regards.
When I am connecting the charger it automatically gets started and there is no display and it gets automatically off what will be the possible faults in it.
Hi, I am going to buy a laptop ,is Dell inspiron any good ... Two models are quite good for my needs Dell inspiron 14R and Dell inspiron 15R what you guys think about it? The two models differ in screen size and graphic cards ,the screen size doesn't matters much for me but the graphic card does,so I have two choices 1) NVIDIA (...)
DELL inspiron 1545 IS DEAD. i cant get 5 and 3.3 volts give me solution..
Hello experts , I am now facing a problem with my Net book Dell inspiron Mini 1018 dosenot boot automatically ..need to be select Boot option (Hard disk) How can i solve this problem ?
I need schematic for this Dell laptop.Please help me.Many thanks in advance.
how to set some alarm or sound for low battery notification.. i am using Dell inspiron 1545 (windows vista).. it will show some notification on battery icon..other than this how can we set sound for low battery..
Hi all I have a two year old Dell inspiron 1525 laptop. For the past couple of months, the battery has begun to seriously deteriorate in performance... If the laptop is switched off with full power, by the time I boot, only 5 minutes is now available before it turns off... Hence, I am looking at replacing the battery. The following are my doubt
hi, i have a dell inspiron laptop. and i want to use MAC OS. can is it possible to use MAC OS to install in non-apple system? if yes, then from where i can get that OS. please tell me. thank you with regards, abhishek dixit
Hi... I am planning to buy a laptop and i wanna chose between DELL (inspiron 5110 & 4110),ASUS(U35JC),and ACER(5755).I don't want to spent much money on this ,so which one do you recommend. Please let me know about their performance if you have tested them.
The default OS is Windows 7, but I want to install windows xp, because most of my programs do not support in windows it possible can? if can.... so how can install windows xp in Dell inspiron N4030? where i can get my laptop drivers windows xp suuport? way I have done is to change the sata settings in bios to be compatible, but it
Dell inspiron 9400 Service Manual free download,schematics,datasheets,eeprom bins,pcb,repair info for test equipment and electronics
Does anyone know how to stop the battery light flashing on a dell 1525 inspiron laptop? Its supposed to flash when the battery is dying but I suspect in this case there is just a timer causing it as the battery charges and lasts just fine. The timing of it starting is suspicious too given the (lack) of use it has had. Their diagnostic also s
Dell inspiron 15i
Hi Sandip, since last 1 month my laptop hangs after 10 -15 minutes but some time it works fine but now its often hangs afetr 10-15 minutes I have Dell inspiron 6400 laptop, with OS xp. i have tried to diagnosis but it got hanged even i tried to open in safe mode but it still got hanged now days with a slight jerk the system gets hang pleas
hi. am new to this forum. i am working on a car pc project. i have a dell inspiron 8xxx model. if anyone could help thanks
Hi eyna, hi all, My experience in Vista? Well, not a fan of that OS but your DELL inspiron 1420 will sure support Vista with no problem (with 1GB of RAM and a good 3D Graphics card), and yeah XP will work faster on your NoteBook, so may be it's really up to you what to choose... A Dual Boot maybe is a good thing, but I haven't tried dual boot
Hi, From what my experience tells me - Replacing the Motherboard will fix this issue. I have heard that this is a common problems on the Latitude D600s and the inspiron 600m
I have a Dell inspiron 8100 laptop. When I slide the LCD screen. It shows some lines on the Display. I want to Know that where is the problem. is it the problem of connector cable or TFT.
I have a Dell inspiron 8100 laptop. When I slide the LCD screen. It shows some lines on the Display. I want to Know that where is the problem. is it the problem of connector cable or TFT.
Hello I have a Dell inspiron 6000 laptop and i faced a problem that couldn't be solved! when i got it, I expected a standard Windows XP media and separate applications CD that can let me pick and choose the software I want to install. What I got was only a restore CD that apparently sets up the machine in the original factory condition with all
I have had this same problem over the years on my inspiron. You have to take out the drive module and put it back in. If this does not work, remove the drive from the module and remove the adapter plug and put it back on. I have two drive modules that have been ghosted from the main one sitting in reserve for the frequent problems I get such
Hi, I friend of mine has an 5150 inspiron broken. Dell ask for 800E, for replacing the motherboard. I have seen that the problem is that the DC input right angle SMT Jack connector (Foxconn) is broken (better to use Through-hole). I would like to know if someone knows a place for buying this foxconn connector. I have found in Farnell, RS-Compone
I'm trying to install CentOS 3.5 on my Dell inspiron 6000 laptop, and I got the same problem (no hard drive have been found). !! .. I wonder what should be the reason ! .. I have my XP on C and I guess I shouldn't remove XP in order to add linux .. I also have tried both Ext3 and empty space for the partition that I want to install