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i have made a youtube video on how to install cst 2014
cst service packs will contains updates and fixes for issues found in initial version. however, its not a must to install service packs. base installation should work well in terms of accuracy.
I am using Windows 8.1 and I have tried to install cst Studio 2011 but failed. Now cst Studio 2013 successfully installed and opened. But when I tried to create a project it shows the following error. 98943 What should I do to make cst 2013 workable ?[/QUOplz mo plz mohammad, i need it ,h
Anyone knows how to install cst2011, could you help me through Teamviewer if possible. Thanks
Hi, you can see the example of designing a folded dipole in Example. It is in the driver that you install cst program. Program Files ==>cst STUDIO SUITE ==>Examples ==>MWS==>Transient ==>Antennas :-P
Its very similar to other softwares. Once installation is over use the license manager to locate the .lic file provided by cst. Hope this help you.
Hello, I have install cst 2010 SP1 on my new computer wich have windows 7 pro SP1, 64-bit oparition system. The installation went well and the program it working BUT when i tryed to simulat anything on it, it's stop working and not respanding. I tryed give it some time but its remain the same. I tryed re-installition but (...)
Hello Sujit if you have downloaded from the cst website along with the license. Then you should be getting a complete instruction set how to install,refer to the installation help file. Regards Sajid Mohammed.
Hello, I Already Download cst Microwave studio setup from Internet. 1)Tell me -Procedure to install cst Microwave2011. 2) How to run SP3 package (.sup file). 3) How to open ".sup" file.
i download cst STUDIO SUITE 2010 with cstpatcher.exe i need to know how to install it i flow 1) run cst License Manager and Stop Service, close cst License Manager 2) edit license.dat: change localhost in 1-st line with your real HostName 3) for work with standalone cst Microstripes 2009 (...)
hi i install the cst EM STUDIO 2010, but its transient solver tab doesn't work and is can i repair it an simulate the design? thanks.
Hi, I'm having problem in displaying farfield polar plot in cst 2009 sp6. Transient solver runs perfectly but when I click the farfield plot properties and change from 3d to polar, it only shows: "result unavailable" I tried to install it back into original version (downgrade from sp6). I can display the polar plot but when I run the transient
Ok, but I've tried to install both cst 2008 studio suite and cst 2010; after finishing installation no program directory were created nor application, only "cst solver server administration" and/or "cst Main solver server" applications were created, launching them is not the program. I have (...)
Hello, I try to install the SP7 for cst and it keeps saying: "the file modeler_AMD64.exe was modified from it's original version" and the service pack will not install becuase of the error. Anyone seen this and know how to circumvent? thanks.
Hello, did anyone experience sudden crashes with system reboot while running an optimization on cst MWS 2008? Despite I have tried a clean system install, while I try to optimize some parameters of a normal biquad antenna, just to achieve experience with this suite, I could never successfully end the task. My system is as follows: XP SP3 on a 50 GB
hi i have the same problem when installing windows 7 so u should set up regonal windows Xp to your licenence be opened best regard
Finally able to create the horn antenna. From the help video that come together with the cst installation, to build a horn antenna it is better to start with construct the rectangular waveguide as a solid rectangular object rather than combine 4 pecs sheet to form the hollow rectangular waveguide, than build another larger solid rectangular obje
Though it is not compatible with vista. You should try installing it in safe mode ! It worked for me. It is 2006 or 2006B ?
hello dear is it possible to install cst microwave studio 2006 and HFSS 10 on Vista operating system.... if yes then plz tell me the procedure for installing these softwares..... plz help me
Hi, There is a direct interface called cst LINK, converter exists in cst distribution. Once You install it under Cadence SPB package it appears as a menu in Allegro and allows direct interfacing. Recently there is a problem with it since Cadence changed the tech file format, which this interface is based on. So the thing works for SPB15.7 (...)