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i am using Linux because my teacher said in class it it is more powerful without any virus i have downloaded 1.4gb file how to install i have no idea not done before.. If you had formulated your question properly in #1, then it is easier for members to answer. i have extra hardisk i want to learn it... Again, do
Hi Does anyone install this software? Please guide me in this work I have CentOs 6.5 in my laptop Thx
There are always installation guides available. Have you checked them? From where have you downloaded the binaries for VCS? If you have a SolvNet login, go in there and download the installation guide if you have not.
guys i'm new to linux, never used it. I installed ubunto 14.1 64 bit on vmware (windows machine) and tried to follow the guide on the forum for installing virtuoso 615. I was stuck on the first steps because i have no idea how to use linux. Thank you!
how can i install kml toolbox in matlab 2014 ( plz guide me step by step......)
I am new to UVM. can any1 guide me how to instal UVM in linux. I need to practice UVM. Thanks in adv.
If you don't have Super User permission then you can't change into /usr/lib/..... ask your admin to correct these. alternatively you can try to install the font into /usr/local/.... see the user guide of your instalation.
Hello, I have installed Cadence IC6.15 on Ubuntu 10.04. Can you please guide me step-by-step on how to install "NCSU-cdk-1.6.0.beta" CDK in my machine. I have tried many method as explained in the webs, but it seem not working. The NCSU cdk is not visible in the list when I create new library. my Virtuoso installation (...)
Ic610 install Ihave succeeded in installing IC610 on Ubuntu 10.04 using the Vmware virtual machine and Scientific Linux in 32 bit mode from the original cd media without any modification to the installation script of ic610. This is how i have done. it is very lengthy and hence i am calling it dummy's installation (...)
After installing Tanner EDA, once you run any .exe file (L-Edit) you'll be generally prompted to install the library files in My Documents. They have the extension .md Open the files and see SPICE codes for MOSFETs, DIODEs, BJTs in the .MODEL section.
Dear All. Iam making a wet cell HHO . which i can install on my Byke . The byke battery is of 12 V 5~7 A DC. the problem is that when i powerup the HHO Cell the Cell drains the battery very fast. and also it consumes 12 V. I think 2 V, 3A is enough to saperate the HHO . Please guide me to make a proper powersupply module for it. The circuit
please i want user guide hfss13 , i have user guide hfss^10 but my computer system win7 64bit , not install hfss^10, but installed in my computer hfss13 help me please
I have installed ELECTRIC vlsi deisgn system in linux. Now how can I proceed to do simulations of circuits and layouts in electric. please guide me what plugins to install and how to install for performing circuit level simulations.Thanx in advance.
Try Two Other .. Hard Driver Partition for example (install 2012 in C: Drive) and .. (2010 in D Drive ) ... and you can have the both ... but first you had to install 2010 then install 2012 ..
Hi All, I meet a problem when I try to install the IC610 on ubuntu 11.14. I followed the instructions here:guide for install ic610 on Ubuntu 10.04 Here is the problem I met. After it install the first CD, it cannot find the 2nd CD automatically. I extracted the 5 CD in the same folder with the name of CDROM1~CDROM5. I (...)
HI.I try to install gcc-gnat(ada compiler) 4.3.4 on fedora16 bit got below error configure: error: cannot find install-sh or in . ./.. ./../.. please guide me how to configure? my gcc version is -4.3.4 Thanks in advance Regards Raghavendra
I'm using mandriva linux 2011 and trying to install alliance 5.0 CAD tool, installation always fails, anyone installed it properly ? if yes please provide me with a short guide. Thank you :smile:
hi, i need to download yum-util for rhel 6.0, plz guide as where from i can download it and how to install the same. sincerely, rc
hi every one , iam new here and i really liked the information here so I decided to be here to take and give knowledgde :) -- i have universal sofware radio peripheral (USRP) and it cant be install on ubunto 10.04 ! even that I did instal it inside gnuradio as blocks so please if any one can guide me to the codes in terminal that should ma
i have installated cadence16.3 version. 1st i installed license manager. then i installed product. after that i start the progam. it said "no allegro orcad license file not found".plz guide me how to run the program?. where to find the license file.