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I'm willing to install cadence virtuoso IC615 in centOS 6.5 x64. I installed latest Java runtime environment for 64 bit linux, and I'm trying to run install scape from terminal which leads to the following error Initializing installscape using JVM at /home/EDA/Desktop/cadence_virtuoso/Iscape/iscape.04.21-p004/runtime/LNX86/bin/java. This might t
this is what i get when i tried to execute the SETUP.SH The ./SETUP.SH;1 is not being run from the CDROM Run ./SETUP.SH;1 from the mounted CDROM i copied cadence folder to home/Cadence/ and everything is already extracted. i don't have installscape. please help on how to install this software. im pretty new to linux thank you
1. you need a foundry pdk 2. a foundry pdk comes with a cds.lib which will contain default libraries and pdk libraries. 3. no 4. use installscape if you are a legal cadence tool user.
Today, I want to install some cadence tools in linux, but I have not the installscape soft. So I went to the to download it , but I could not get it without login, and I can not register without a hostid. Where can I get this installscape soft, please? Thank you!
Okay so I've gotten to installscape, pointed it to the dir which has the files for encounter. It seemed to do some installation. Going to the directory where it was installed, I get this dir structure: data installData doc i tools.lnx86 ic_index.sdx iscape_logs
i have RHEL v2 v3 v 4 and v5 and also IC5141 but i need installscape and i want to work on it i have tried installation by shell now i can help u if u sand the installscape of me my mail add is
how about installscape ? I think tool work well on fedora OS .
installscape ? Do you mean the Flex_LM tool ?
Hi everyone, just wondering whether anyone tried installing incisive_ius58 via installscape. for everytime I am trying to install from a download-archive, but I am coming across "Could not unpack" errors. Could someone help me out with this? Thanks