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The "multiplicity" parameter m (or M) is the shunt multiplicity factor of an instance, that is, the number of identical devices that are combined in parallel - see any HSPICE manual. You can't use it for an array.
You are certainly not evaluating the bounds of the array; for instance, at line 31 of the code above you are starting evaluation from 1, not 0. The same at line 10.
Hai all. I have an issue with my C8051F120. I'm using P1_0 Pin as Programmable Counter array Pin. Whenever a Match occur between ((PCA0H<<8) | PCA0L) and (PCA0CPH0<<8) | PCA0CPL0), the PCA Module will Toggle P1_0 Pin. But at some instance I have to manually toggle that same and then I will hand over the Pin to PCA Module. This is what my require
For instance, to implement an registered 2-bits 5:1 MUX: 1) use 'case' statement: reg out; wire i_1, i_2, ... , i_5; always@(posedge clk) begin case(sel) 3'b000: out <= i_1; 3'b001: out <= i_2; ... endcase end I wonder whether the following 'array' style implementation w
Hello Everyone. Can anyone help me in Multiple interface instantiation in the module and how to drive these interfaces. here is the code : // Interface File interface intf_i(input clock); logica ; logic b; logic c; clocking cb @(posedge clock); input a; input b; output c; endclocking modport MP (clocking cb, inp
Hello, While accessing simple module instances is quite simple, the same procedure for "module instances inside of generate loop" isn't so simple. Here is module, where I want to access to module instance array: `timescale 1us/1ns `define reg_len 16 module Shift_REG(input Din, CLK, LOAD, DATA_L, output Dout); wire [
I am trying to manipulate the parameters of a single instance of an array (I1<1024:1>). The instances contain a simple RC network and a current source modelling a rather complex circuit. All the instances are connected in series using a bus-notation. Now I need to add a unique delay to every single one of the current (...)
Hello, I am trying to control CST from Excel VBA. For instance, I would like to create a routine in Excel VBA similar to the postprocessing template ?Evaluate Field in arbitrary coordinates? into Excel VBA, i.e. get the e-field values into an array and insert them on an excel sheet. I read the topic ?CSTResultReader.dll? in the help but saw n
Hello! 1. Why do you write 12 times the same sequence in the array? Why not using uint8 my sequence = {0x8,0x4,0x2 ,0x1}; 2. What is the if(d < 210) line? Why 210? 3. In your main loop, you set stepper to d, not to mysequence. What happens if d does not belong to mysequence? For instance if d = 3, you will power 2 circuits at the same time
Get all the cells used in the design & create a map table. use this map table to change your cells. Map table could be like this. and2_svt_1 and2_hvt_1 or2_svt_1 or2_hvt_1 create an array like below set cells(and2_svt_1) "and2_hvt_1" set cells(or2_svt_1) "or2_hvt_1" Get the instance cell name & if its equal to 'and2_svt_1' then repl
hey all can anyone help me in this issue. iam running a simulink transmission and reception model which has some random integers as input source of array 1142x1 but at output iam getting the array as 1142x1x5 In the array the first 4 instances are not in the same order as input but the 5th instance is (...)
in vhdl, an array of instance mean nothing. a generate for loop, is useful when all input/output of this instance are in vector, and made the code simpliest.
Hi, I'm beginning VLSI student working on a 16-bit simplified datapath design. I have bitslice instances that I need to instantiate and array, but I do not wish to make control line connections for each part - I'd like to become proficient with the cadence tools. From reading the manual and experimenting, I see that I can make (...)
Hi First for hardware, you must scale the voltage to the micro ref input (not to exceed the ref volatge) - use resistenc divider to do so for instance if your input voltage is 15V and UC ref volatge is 5V you must devide by 3 or by 4 after initializing the ADC for reading data, colect the data in a data array- for instance 100 sample (...)
they are both pronounced letter by letter F P G A= field programmable gate array C P L D= complex programmable logic design but for instance ASIC is pronounced somehow as one word "ay-sik"
hi frenz, i had run this code there is no error but lots of warning and also i have doubt that it might be wrong this code for register array and its mapping to byte and bit register.... All outputs of the instance of the block are unconnected in block array>. ""This instance will be removed (...)
Guys, I will gladly appreiate if you know how to do this. I want to create a picture control array at runtime in visual basic. It seems to me that I can only do this during design time. Is there any way top create a picture control array at run time? Thanks
Register File is usually used when you need small array memory due to smaller overhead circuity. So if you have both RA and RF, just generate the instances and pick the small size memory instance.
Hi Momo, Basically, reflectarrays do not compare to other arrays. They compare to parabolic reflectors, for instance. So if we compare reflectarrays to reflector antennas or dielectric lenses, the following pro and cons may be stressed: pro 1. reflectarrays are planar, low weight, low profile, (...)