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Greetings from Magnus Global Tech, Magnus group is happy to announce the Technical Empowerment Training Programmes for corporate employee's. One of the common requirement of any organization is its employees having complete knowledge of the organization & better understanding of inter-dependent departments. To assist organizations in e
I am currently a final year engineering student pursuing Electronics and instrumentation(EIE).I want to know the scope of doing PG in control engineering.Any suggestions about the best universities present and the requirements to enroll in them would be much appreciated.What are the expectations that are to be fulfilled technically. (...)
We are an engineering services start-up. Founders are engineers with varied backgrounds in instrumentation, electrical, electronics etc. with several years of experience in niche areas like transformers, core electrical services, industrial automation and IT services. We do site maintenance, facility management, emergency response, automation and I
I am a final year instrumentation engineering student.Need some simple but good Final year project ideas.Please help me.I will be really grateful.
i have reviewed some subjects from uni course in electrical engineering, after some years of completing, what i found was that i easily understand digital, software, microprocessor, instrumentation and fairly understood control engineering. But i still really struggle with anologue electronics, but i now wish to understand better from (...)
i m pursuing final year in instrumentation and control engineering, please give any IDEA TO DO PLC BASED PROJECTS AND GIVE ME SOME PLC BASED PROJECT TITLE You may use a PLC and Drive to control a Motor using Closed loop control with analog pressure and temperature sender to maintain certain pressure in a pipe.
Pnuematic CMOS Lecture read all parts......... Pneumatic instrumentation - Introduction Pneumatic Logic & Controls
What's your particular question with designing a 433 MHz wireless system? You can e.g use transmitter/receiver ICs from manufacturers as Hope RF, TI, Analog Devices and others. They have application notes and reference designs. A profound knowledge of RF engineering and respective instrumentation is required anyway. P.S.: LPRS, a UK RF module ve
can someone post the top instrumentation and control engineering companies in India
can someone tell which is the best university in america to do MS in control engineering
Hi, i also looking for INTOOLS SW for instrumentation. any one please can give a link for downloading it. mems123
Hi all I have launched a forum for my college and instrumentation and Control engineering I will like the experts here to give their suggestions and feedback regarding the same.