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Miller effect cancellation, or also known as capacitance neutralization is a well known technique. It is well suited in integrated fully differential circuits. In the attachment above, the extra capacitances, cross-coupled between the output and input can be done by connecting MOS transistors with half the size of the input transistors - drain, sou
The miller effect is used to create a dominant pole in frequency compensated op-amps. Without it, integrated capacitances would be too small to be useful in this manner.
Just run a reasonable number of cycles with reasonable address / data activity, get to a charge-per-cycle value from the supply current integrated over the run and the number of cycles, and then you can interpolate / extrapolate to whatever frequency. Because many MOSFET capacitances vary w/ operating point, you really want to get results
In J. Rabaey, A. Chandrakasan and B. Nikolic, ?Digital integrated Circuits: A Design Perspective?, second edition, Prentice Hall, NJ, 2003 chapter 5, pag197 "...the overshoots on the simulated output signals. These are caused by the gate-drain capacitances of the inverter transistors, which couple the steep voltage step at the
I'm a beginner . I don't know to choose analog or digital. In fact I like analog ,but many people say that analog is out of date or not important. Now the heart of a whole system is digital, and analog is only periphery interface. Anyone would like to tell me about analog's future? Thanks!!!!