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Hello naderi, In a delta sigma modulator, it is well-known that only DAC and the first integrator can contribute to the output noise. It can also be tested by behavioral simulators such as Matlab and verilog-A. I found that transient noise analysis is not match with noise analysis. An experienced designer told me that he
Hello, Hi, I need a favor from you. I am designing SC integrator kind of similar circuit but, instead of cap using big resistor. I would like to know how to analysis the circuit in terms of noise Analysis, apart from transient simulation, anything simulation like mentioned SwitCap simulator. Please, guide me on
I am really facing problem while doing noise simulation of Continuous TIme integrator. I am using Spectre simulatior Which is correct method to do noise simulation ? noise in ADE or PSS, PAC and PnoiseThey give same result as far as small signal operation. You post completely same question in the (...)
Sampled Mode exists in PAC and PXF of Cadence Spectre. This mode is similar to "timedomain" mode in Pnoise Analysis of Cadence Spectre. The Designer's Guide Community Forum - switched capacitor integrator noise simulation results However I can't get reasonable results for
Hello all, What can limit the input signal level for a delta sigma modulator? I used an example given in the delta-sigma toolbox from Matlab and optimized a 3rd-order NTF for: -Continuous-time with RZ DAC -all poles at DC. -out-of-band noise Hinf=1.7 -BW = 20kHz -OSR = 128 -cascaded-integrator-feedback (CIFB) structure. (fs=5.12MHz, U
why integrator op-amps are overused than differentiator op-amp in practical circuits or in solving problems?
I designed a 2-1 sigma-delta modulator and found fft issue I don't understand. My sim has 2 steps: 1) run "tran" analysis in spectre (select "Transient noise" option) 2) read data from modulator output to matlab and do fft in matlab I used 2 different sampling capacitors (1pF, 4pF) for the first integrator and other parameter (fclk, fsample, N
Yes. The real cut-off frequency of this integrator is ARC, as you can derive by simple transfer function analysis. Of course, the price you pay is increase in noise and power consumption.
Hi, I try to match model of first order sigma delta to spectre simulation results, but they disagree! First figure attached is first order sigma-delta model (comparator shown as a summing node and noise source N(s)). Can solve to get: Y = N/(1+H) + H*X/(1+H) where H=K/s So if K/s >> 1, then: Y ~ sN/K + X This says to me that to
I figured out that the NTF is indeed quite flat in that band. It is a 3rd order modulator with cascaded integrator and feed-forward
Hi, Can any one tell how to determine requirements of of the amplifier of single stage Sigma Delta modulator. It is clear that sampling frequency and maximum input range will determine GBW and SR of amplifier. But how to determine required DC gain, offset noise. If we have as task to make ADC with certain resolution let's for example 16 b
Hi, Can any one help in doing in noise simulation of SC integrator - part of a incremental sigma-delta ADC? Any good reference or simulation type details will help a lot. Thanks Sanku
the output would be zero Not exactly. It's still noise, with 1/f spectral density, like semiconductor flicker noise. And strictly spoken, an integrator has possibly a DC offset.
the noise in sigma-delta modulator loop is shapped by preceding integrators, for example the noise on the output of the first integrator is first-order shapped and the noise on the output of the second integrator sencond-order shapped. but the noise to input of sigma-delta (...)
Hi all, I come across this paper and would like to try it out on Simulink. With regards to the block diagram, should I use the Discrete-Time integrator from Simulink to represent Discrete integrator in the blo
Hi, I've encountered some problems in designing a 2nd order SDM. the integrator outputs looks fine, however noise shaping did not come out (as Attachment file) can someone please tell what cause this happen? thx
to pfd001: How to use integrator command? In the analog design enviornment, you can find the calculator in the tools. In the calculator, you can use the integrate
Depending on how your integrator is build up! I suggest it is built with an opamp. Then simple short with a switch between the cap instead of the output.
Hi, all I noticed for some SD ADC designs, ppl use CDS to decrease integrator leakage and flicker noise. For those of designs that circuit noises are the dominant noise sources (i.e. quantization noise is not so obvious), how can I model flicker noise and white noise (...)
Your problem is with reference source, that you use to shift the output DC level of triangle wave. In histeresys block - switching occurs between two states, in middle is DC level In integrator block - output integrates the noise of reference source (only elimine noise with zero mean) Improve it. Try a large capacitor to (...)