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his board can control electrical appliances and devices from smart phone even from another city. You may be a researcher, student, hobbyist or business man; this development board will provide you WIFI based smart control for rapid development of smart home, intelligent lighting, hotel multi-room control, smart industrial system, engineering proje
Low power version enables Bluetooth technology to be extended to the use of button battery powered some emerging markets. Bluetooth low energy technology is the core technology of Bluetooth low energy wireless specifications based on an upgraded version of the application, to lay the foundation for the majority of emerging market watches, remote co
Engine thermal management technology mainly consists of two systems: one is the cooling intelligent control mode, the second is the fan intelligent control mode. Thermal management system is to make the engine neither too cold nor overheated,making it been controlled in the 90? C which is the best
I believe there are dozens of Edaboard threads discussing failing UART transmission with simple ASK modules. intelligent answers to it are mostly emphasizing the same points: - need a modulation method with balanced 0 and 1 bits, e.g. Manchester encoding, 8b/10b encoding, some kind of bit stuffing - need a synchronization pattern (preamble) an
Hello people, I need to use an intelligent Power Module (IPM) in my project (3-phase induction motor inverter), but I haven't used it before. Thus, I need your advice about the good brands that manufacture these modules because they are not available in my country and I am going to buy it from abroad. Thanks in advance
People have invented the grep tool to quickly answer similar questions. An intelligent IDE should also show the symbol definition. I see it in Include\stm32f4xx.h
I think the confusion is with the term 'logic interface' which you are assuming is an 'intelligent' connection that allows conversation between different devices. For the most part, a logic interface is a reference to logic levels, the digital high and low voltages representing a '1' or a '0'. A driver is normally the name we give to a device th
You don't say what this device needs to do. Yes, it's got a small number of I/O, but you don't say whether it needs to blink a light or provide automatic steering for a car. And what do you mean "connect ideally to USB"? Do you mean you need to implement a USB stack? More information is needed to provide an intelligent answer.
I presume, "ethernet cable" actually means an ethernet link, e.g. 10 or 100 Mbit/s, not a different interface using a RJ45 cable? The easiest way to intercept the ethernet communication between a PC and a peer is to run Wireshark on the PC. If this is not possible for any reason, you can connect an intelligent ethernet switch with for
Consider that these "intelligent switches" are performing slow switching to reduce EMI, so pwm frequencies should be moderate, e.g. a few 100 Hz up to 1 kHz. And there should be a freewheeling means for inductive loads.
Personally, I would forget those diagrams as they are not directly relevant to street lighting. If by 'intelligent' you mean the lights turn on and off according to ambient lighting conditions, what you need is a light sensor, maybe a comparator, a delay mechanism and a power switch. If the lights are battery powered, you can use the output of the
Hello guys and gals I am building an electric 4 wheeled buggy from 2 pushbikes, 2 alternators converted to 3 pole electronic motors driving each back wheel, and a Peripheral Interface Controller . My reasons are that I believe that controlling each back wheel separately using an intelligent controller, I can do away with a mechanical dif
Can you help me please with software selection? I need to twist a 3D object. Technically, mapping vertices into twisted coordinates is a minimum requirement. But since there are long edges and wide faces, I want the software to make some intelligent twisting, bu curving the faces. It has been 18 years since I tried such things as Autodesk 3DS
In a brief, set_clock_group is the intelligent way of cutting timing pathes between unrelated clock domains. There are good tutorials describing the Synopsys timing constraint syntax and answering your questions, e.g. the Altera Timquest User Guide by Ryan Scoville
It is not necessary unless you configure the arrangement of your circuit. Proteus is built upon intelligent schematic capture component part. All lines will show as crossing but will only show a dot at connection points (nodes). They use to have some environment settings in the user preference area that allows you to show the display mode when lin
Hi, For brushless DC motors you need a somehow intelligent control. You can't control a brushless DC motor wit a potentiometer, you may do this with a brushed DC motor. Klaus
void LongToTime (long Ticks, char * h, char * m, char * s) { while (Ticks--) { s++; if (*s == 60) {*s = 0; *m++;} if (*m == 60) {*m = 0; *h++;} } } This is untested. Wrote in 10 seconds after lunch (intelligent descreased greatly). Few minutes later... Ticks = 60*60*h + 60*m + s;
Hi all, I want to find some intelligent power module models for my project and compare them. Do you know any websites have these kinds of information Thank you!
have used above mentioned device for my inverter project. I have applied following voltages to the module pins through a 30 V dc supply. 113980 Bootstrap capacitors were also used. I trip -0V Vcc
I must say that statements like "we don't have constraints solvers because we don't need any" and "we don't have any OO going for it because we don't need any" are a bit ... novel. Why do we not need a constraint solver? And "because the testbench is intelligent " is no answer to that. ;-) In the meantime I think I rather like the