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i want to interface tv remote control with 89s52. I have receiver is tsop1838 and the remote is china kit remote which works on 200 models of tv. i have success in detecting pulses but counting and changes with respect to numbers. Please help me about it or if any idea or program in c code.
hi I have a problem interfacing RF module(433Mhz ask) to 8051(atmel 89C51). I am using two micro controllers First: I have written a simple program to transmit 'A' serially if P1^0 is high in transmitter micro controller(uc1). and at receiver micro controller(uc2) to take serial data and put in on P1 of (uc2
Here I am uploading a circuit. Here pin 3,4,5,6 of 8051 are used as data inputs to L293D. But I want to use HT-12D DECODER to give the input to the L293D. Can anyone give me the circuit for it. Though irrelevant I want to tell I am using tws 434a transmitter receiver in my project.
Most of the GPS modules have serial interface which sends data in serial format. You cab interface it with 8051 serial port. Try it.
By examining your description, I think even if bluetooth is costlier, and complex to interface, it is a better choice because you need proper positioning of transmitter and receiver in the case of infrared which is difficult to achieve because you cannot park a bus with that precision. Hope my suggestion helps. :D