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Hi, I'm doing a line following mobile car (also differentiating the colors) using vision system. I plan to use a CMOS sensor type camera to interface with pic. Is it possible a USB webcam can communicate with pic? I have pic18F452 and compiler is MiKroC. Does MikroC provides any functionality for camera (...)
Dear All, I need to make a mobile App controlled Gate Automation. For that I am planning to Use mobile Wifi to send commands. I am planning to interface some wifi module with the pic micro controller. I am new to Wifi interfacing. Anyone please help me in this. Thanks in advance.
There's no chance to use an USB GSM stick (usually it's a Huawei brand) with a pic16. You need an USB host controller and complex software drivers to interface the device.
hi i am doing automatic accident identification.. By taking the vibration value produced by the sensor we are predicting the accident location by using gps and sending that location to another mobile number by using gsm.... now we need a coding that act as interface between gps and gsm with pic microcontroller 16f877a.. plz help us and (...)
plz i need u help to interface gsm module (M1306B) with pic 16f877a i need the code ( micro c) including the at commands.... i connected the gsm with the pc using hperterminal and it workss it send msg to za mobile now i need the code to send againg the msg but with both gsm and pic ..... using serial ports (RS232) and max
HI, I am repeating... I am doing a project to get input data from a 4X3 matrix key pad (just as in mobile) and display it in lcd using pic 16f877A.... the keys are like (.,1),(abc2),(def3),............(wxyz9).... i dont know how to write code for key identification as it uses multiple character in a single key..... if any one know
Hello guys, I'm researching for a wind turbine controller that I'm doing for my senior project. My team is going to build a wind turbine controller for a company that I am interning at. So far, we know that we will be using sensors, we will be interpreting the data from the sensors, we will be using actuators based on the data from the sensors,
:-Di want to display the sms when i received from mobile that connect with pic 16f877a but when i run the simulater proteus the program don't work i don't know the error
Hi there, I am new with the microcontroller field, & want to know is it possible to interface a pic24F with a mobile phone & a flash drive. flash memory<--->pic<--->mobile pic24F has USB-ON the GO feature & it works as a host to manage the connection between the flas drive & the (...)
Hi, use AT commands to interface a pic to your Nokia via UART. This might be helpful:
I am using Sim 300 Gsm and pic 16f877a.. sum 1 help on which language to use to interface the two.. pic shud send the message to the gsm when a situation arise..the gsm communicate with a specific mobile-phone..
You ommited something, the controller in use. Are u using a direct USB interface or USB to UART converter cable. Actually, I think using a conveter is more easier than a direct USB interface. You can buy a DKU-5 nokia mobile cable. It's got an inbuilt USB to UART conveter hardware. Also, Programming Serial port interface (...)
Help me plz.. In my project, i use two sensors(2 input signal) & these data is processed by pic16f877a and a sms is sent to mobile using GSM... 1. I want to know the interfacing diagram of pic with GSM with Pin lay out.. 2. Pin diagram with rating of capaciters,etc... I am completely ignorant and I want (...)
which software are you working on? I don't know much about your project but i can help you with the interfacerence of microntroller with mobile was my 5 semester project.
I want to interface with Nokia 3310 just for dailing to another mobile then I don't have any idea about interfaceing, Can you guide me to start from zero I mean step by step? I bought Used mobile Nokia 3310 and Serial cable for it. then my aim is to make interfacing between pic and 3310 Nokia, I (...)
I wan interface siemens A50 mobile with 16F84A pic .The phone works at 3.6v/650mA and the pic at 2v to 5.5v(commercial and industrial) and <2mA at 5v ,4MHz and 15microA at 2v 32Khz ,<0.5microA stand by current at 2v i free to connect the micro controller to the phone given the above specifications without using any level (...)
Hello everybody. I would like to interface pic with a Nokia mobile via FBUS to send and receive SMS. I have collected two schematics. one do you recommend? Is there any enhancement ne
can anybody help me to interface graphical lcd module 128*64 with pic microcontroller with circuit diagram and program
Hi all, I'm just search how to use my LCD screen of my old mobile phone with an pic 16f877 ? I'm very interresting to interface this LCD screen with this ?P to hope write an message and perhaps graphics. thanks in advance for your help, Paul :)