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Hi folks. Recently I bought OLIMEX pic18f4550 (link: ). I am trying to interface it with PICkit by microchip. When I am trying to setup my IPE tu=o just test blinking LED code under Tools I cannot find any option to select (Screenshot attached) 13652
I'd an A/D device (one with a good evaluation board) first... And from there, choose an FPGA evaluation board that can communicate with the A/D evaluation board. The FMC interface is pretty common.
Hi All, I am using jtag (olimex jtag tiny) [link: for on-chip debugging. This comes with a 20 pin output. My board has a 14 pin interface with '2mm pitch'. It is a Xilinx Virtex 5 base board. I searched on google, but I am not getting the right adap
The xilinx board we plan to use is . need suggestions in which cameras(for stereo vision) and FMC(or any other) interface to use if 640*480 and 60fps is requred. Thanks in advance!!
Hi There. I have a USB Sensor Device which I can connect to PC. By installing Driver on PC, I got Virtual COM to send Serial Command to control the Sensor Device. Now I want to control the Sensor Device through MCU UART. Can you advise what interfacing Chip I need to use to achieve Serial Communication between Sensor USB Terminal and MCU UART
Haii all, I am developing a temperature measuring system using PIC16F877A question is there is any free/open source software(windows) available for monitoring temperature in my PC, ie simply I am sending temperature readings through rs 232 protocol and the software reads that value from computers rs232 port and displaying the temp
Hello everyone, I have task to create a simple radio communications between two uControllers. That's why I am asking for help. What radio module would you suggest for such application? The requirement is to use a simple communication protocol and well known interface as UART, I2C or SPI something like that. The distance that should cover is about
Hi, Can anyone help me with the logic and code for integrating a FIFO whose output is 8 bits to a standard AHB interface logic. Thanks
Hi, It seems you are looking for a low end Adc. I just looked at farnell. A cheap one is adc0804. There are hundreds of others. Why don't you want a serial interface? They are smaller, cheaper and not more difficult to access. Klaus Klaus
Hiii guys, In my current project there is a Wifi+Bluetooth module.That one using HCI and SDIO interface,I don't have much idea about this my doubt is can I interface this module with PIC uC with this interface? Thanks in advance. datasheet:
I am willing to interface a Contact Image Sensor (CIS) from an old HP scanner to a microcontroller, but I can't find any information on the sensor interface that could help me. The sensor is a DL521-18. I managed to find that it is manufactured by Lite-On, but the website has no information, such as datasheets or pinouts of the module. Has a
Please let me know that I want to connect Current Transformer with ADC of Atmega16 for reading ampere of AC Motor. The CT rating is 30/5A 30A = Primary. 05A = secondary.
Hi... Micro stepping is some what different from full and half. You cannot do that via code easily. Refer the given link datasheet , You can understand better about microstepping
Hi, I am looking for a USB 2.0 Audio controller/converter that can support audio Tx/Rx rates upto 192KHz over I2S and also provides I2C control interface for external CODEC. Has anyone had such a requirement and know/recommend any products in the market that would support it? Regards Amninder
G'day, I'm looking for a Bluetooth chip-set that is readily available and easily interfaces to a micro. There were a few past posts that I found however that part (NXP BGB203) has been discontinued. All I really want is a Bluetooth serial port. Any ideas? D.
depends on the isolation you require, e.g. the Maxim MAX3250
Please specify purpose like switching speed, direction, current source and sink capabilities, etc. Analog Devices have a very good range of isolators. Link
i need help in my project. in my project i will use microcontroller, matlab and electronics lock. i want to connect a microcontroller with my Laptop, so that when a command goes from MATLAB to the microcontroleer, it should open the electronic lock. how will i do this. e.g when my required result comes from the matlab then it should send a signal
Hi everyone, I'm currently designing a media converter board using Vitesse VSC8221. Just as an FYI, the documents for this product are all available at the product page. When I say media converter, I actually meant SFP interface for fiber medium to RJ45-CAT5 for copper medium, and
i want to design a circuit with modem that can interface with PLC and able to download program and acess parameters from internet / static IP. so that from host computer which is located at control room should be able to download and acess parameters of any PLC in the plant or any remote place. any idea about this ???