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Somebody please help me interfacing PT100 sensor with ADC port. I need to interface PT100 with an ADC Port, PLease help me with the opamp circuit.
i am using ad7796 for connecting with strain gauge in my project. can we do so. ad7796 is Low Power, 16-Bit Sigma-Delta ADC for Bridge Sensors. i am trying to interface ad7796 with atmega 16.that is 8 bit microcontroller with spi interface. is it possible.can anyone help.
I have bought strain gauge but I do not know how is the connection ? I mean which one is output or.... here is the photo of strain gauge, I searched alot but I didn't get it . this link gives me the information but still confusing how much must be the value of resistors in the circuit ? is it possible to don't use any (...)
I am designing the system in which I need to interface strain gauge with 8051. Can anyone help me in designing the interfacing diagram. Please send on my e-mail. My e-mail ID is
I am having a data acquisition system Agilent 34970A, Data Logger 3 software and a multiplexer module 34908A. I want to operate a vibrating wire strain gauge (which gives frequency as an output for stress applied) which has common wire terminals for vibrating wire excitation and frequency measurement. For excitation, I need to generate a pulse
maybe you can interface with MATLAB or just use visualBasic to draw... some time ago, I used AutoIt and fill a Table in EXCEL! that was very nive and slow... just a few ideas.... ask if you are interested in actual code...
does anyone how to interface strain gauge to microcontroller like atmega..??I want to take data strain gauge to ADC internal in atmega... strain gauge output is 0 -12 mV...very small... can anyone give me solution..?? thx for caring
you can use the straingauge, then you will need interface with ADC, then the MCU. strain gauge? Doubt it. A strain gauge attached to a surface of standard pipe will be very insensitive.
Hi You can use AD7730 IC from @nalog devices to condition the low level strain signals and interface this chip with spi interface with any micro like as pic ,8051,avr. I used AD7730 ,and worked nice for me.But I do offer other AD77 members ,always I had problems with them in noisy and industerial environments. Bye
7rots - I don't know about AD part but looks good. Consider also the MAX1452 - is very good conditioner, PGA, filter, etc for strain gauge. Is missing ADC, but choose a good micro that has ADC on-board and you have complete system. Maxim has evaluation board with PC interface, very easy to try out.

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