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Interfacing max232 With 8051

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The design may or may not require the use of max232 transceivers, depending on whether the GSM/GPRS module provides a TTL UART or RS-232 interface. interfacing GSM Module with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51) without using PC [URL="www.
hello.. i am interfacing 8051 to xbee (tharang f4-it is a module from NSK )using max232 ic. when i connected the xbee to PC it works properly at 9600 . I programmed 8051 to sent hello word at 9600 .when i connected 8051 to pc at9600 it works fine.but when i connected to pc through (...)
Interface GSM Module with 8051 Microcontroller : Project with Circuit & C code Interface GSM with 8051 Microcontroller (
i want the schematic and code for the interfacing of rf module A315 do we need to interface it through max232
hi,sorry for my English i want to interface gsm modem with 8051 using serial communication , but first i want to know if (GPRS/GSM-Modem SINAUT MD720-3) must connect first to rs232 circuit or it has already inside it a rs232 circuit because on websites i read that not all modems needs to rs232 circuit and , please help me to know how to connect i
its just connecting to serial port and configuring the bauud rate properly. You dont need any interfacing as the module and your 8051 board will have MAX 232 in it. The zigbee module should have a max232. check if it is there or not. If it is there then directly you can connect.
How can i interface max232 interfacing with P89v51rd2 It's typical DB-9 - max232 - 8051-derivative configuaration .. Rgds, IanP :|
hi.. i need help interfacing gps garmin 35 hvs with micocontroller 8051..if u could provide a schematic diagram i will be thankful..
I m using 89c52 to interface it with sonyericson T290i mobile... i tested mobile at is working. and supports AT commands. i know that max232 IC will be used in between mobile and microcontroller... but i dont know what connections should be make in DB9 connector of mobile with max232. what connections should be make in DB9
For details GOTO: "MICROCONTROLLER interfacing with RS-232 STANDARD DEVICES" Regards, IanP
What modem are you talking about? Is it Benq m22 or m23? They are almost the same. I have used this modem before many times. You do not need to convert any signal if your going to use it with a microcontroller. You only need max232 level converter if your going to connect it to a computer. I recommend you to try to communicate using a computer f