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8051 family has only one serial hardware port need switcher for interfacing both gps and gsm together - - - Updated - - - here is one good tutorial for you in c
Hi, i am doing project on R305 fingerprint scanner with 8051 microcontroller. I read r305 datasheet then follow the instructions. i am done initial step.. --> send hex values (refer datasheet) EF01FFFFFFFF010003010005 --> scanner also acknowledgemen EF01FFFFFFFF07000302000C My first problem was how to read hex values and how t
Hi, I am using 8051 microcontroller with interfacing sim 300 modem My First aim is read signal strength from modem and show to 16*2 display. My code is below, My problem - The received signal strength - Not show to the display #include #include sbit rs=P1^0; sbit rw=P1^1; sbit en=P1^2;
my objective is to read message sent by some mobile number on the SIM connected to gsm module.. LCD connected to 8051 i did followed so many tutorials all of those are really confusing.. they just explain the setup and then skip to the code.. i just want a step by step explanation for programming for this objective
HI, I am working on project in which i m trying to interface RF module with 89s52 micro .. I want to receive the codes sent by transmitter and to show them on 16X2 LCD as well as trying to save them in eeprom ......... Plz help me regarding this project ........:thinker::roll::x:thinker::thinker::roll::thinker:
Hi, I am making a project related to GSM module in which i just want to send message but the error i am facing is how i connect that modem to microcontroller and how i get the output of GSM module on LCD 1602. i.e. Firstly When i send AT command to the GSM modem how i get OK on my LCD . Waiting for the Best Reply. Thank you :)
Use project at this link.
Data might be inverted. Use RealTerm at the PC side.
Yes. 3 pins is enough. Take code from "8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems: Using Assembly and C bu Muhammed Ali Mazidi" Codes can be downloaded from mazidi's website. saeedsolutions.b
You need to write uart code for Zigbee interfacing to uC. On PC side Zigbee is connected to PC using USB. You can use RealTerm to send/receive data using Zigbee at PC side. uC side needs serial interrupt code to receive data.
If you are using printf() then you don't need to set SBUF.
The design may or may not require the use of MAX232 transceivers, depending on whether the GSM/GPRS module provides a TTL uart or RS-232 interface. interfacing GSM Module with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51) without using PC [URL="www.
Hi In my project will be there two switches. One for send AT to gsm to make sure the gsm is work and switch number two when it`s 1 will send AT commands to send a message to a specific number. Now I`ll explain more. see this link ..
Hi Just Go through this... - - - Updated - - - Hi Just Go through
Hi friends, We are doing a project on 'fast rescue on car accident'. Our aim is to send accident location immediately via gsm. We are not familiar with gsm interfacing.we have decided to buy a gsm modem with RS232 output .but we don't know about the use of at commands. Can anyone give a little introduction? We need you guidance (...)
hi,sorry for my English i want to interface gsm modem with 8051 using serial communication , but first i want to know if (GPRS/GSM-Modem SINAUT MD720-3) must connect first to rs232 circuit or it has already inside it a rs232 circuit because on websites i read that not all modems needs to rs232 circuit and , please help me to know how to connect i
hey, i am interfacing SIM300 with 8051 and i want to send sms to a group of mobile nos. In order to do serial communication need to send string via the serial port. how do i go about it? for sending a single character i can assign the character to the SBUF register but how do i do this in case of a string? How to write a function which (...)
i am designing an LCD controller as a project, and wanted to know whether parallel port is better for interfacing (with an Intel 89C51) , or is serial port better?
Here Is AN Application Note From SunDisk About interfacing CF To Serial Port with 6811 UC