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suppose i made a structure assigned wave port to it now suppose if the whole geometry is kept inside the radiation box such that the port is also inside.(using hfss) 1. will that be called internal excitation? 2. in order to use wave port without making any change in the radiation box (...)
Hi Members I am trying to excite a simple patch antenna using Grounded Co-Planar wave guide Structure (GCPW) by the techniques shown below in Fig.1. I do so but receive the error of "port 1 is assigned to an internal face". Can someone kindly assist me in assigning wave guide port to the GCPW structure (...)
I am simulating an Ungrounded Coplanar Wveguide with a wave port excitation in HFSS as shown below. 114508 I am getting following error; "port refinement, process hf3d error: port 1 is assigned to an internal face. Only allowed with lumped ports.. " Any Solutions? Regards
Is it possible to define internal CPW port in HFSS simulation? - - - Updated - - - In one of the HFSS training manuals, it is given that : " wave port Restrictions: port should be on exterior model face, or capped by a perfect conductor block if internal." Here, what does capped by a (...)
To solve it: Lump port use for internal port: -you can change the port to lumped port if you need to make internal port like your model. you can see a link below or -wave port use for external port; you need to revise (...)
hi i am trying to simulate slotline to microstrip transition and for that i want to use waveport for microstrip line and for double slot line but i dont know why every time i got same error msg that port ids assigned to internal face.i am attaching my hfss model also paper from which i got idea of this balun plz if anyone (...)
hi i want to assign wave ports to two sides of slot line to microstripline transiotion. but i got an error msg every time that port is assigned to an internal face which is only allowable to lumped port.what does this error mean and how can i remove this error.i am attaching the paper from which i am (...)
Hey, I'm trying to design a fractal patch antenna. The patch is fed by a direct-connected probe. However, on running the design, I get the following error message: port refinement, process hf3d error: port 1 is assigned to an internal face. Only allowed with lumped ports.. Simulation completed with execution (...)
Hi Guys, I am using a substrate which is circular in shape in CST. The end of the TX lines has to be connected on to a wave guide port, but since I am using a circular substrate I cant use it, since freq domain solver does not support internal ports. Could you suggest me a way to simulate it ?
Hello guys, I am trying to simulate Inverted- F antenna by using SMA connector as the feeding. But the error happen: port refinement, process hf3d error: port waveport1 is assigned to an internal face. Only allowed with lumped ports.. Could you help me to solve this problem? I have (...)
Hello everyone! just wondering if anyone has any ideas and/or examples on how to output an adjustable square wave in the range of 6hz-800hz using a pic16f818 running 8Mhz with the internal clock... Im using assembly Thanks! -Ryan
Hi, I'm working in a project of a high-power combiner (50KW) and I need to simulate this combiner, but I can't create a wave port internal to the model. How you can see, the in-port have a square form. I tried put a cylinder to connect the square face to the out-port (and matching 50ohms), but the (...)
Hi Saquib, conventional CPWs can be fed with either wave ports or lumped ports. Lumped port are more suitable when you need internal ports. In such a case, lump.ports have to be square, with the sides having the same width of CPW signal line. The port must (...)
Hi I am a new guy to use HFSS. Now I am going to excite the mode in the waveguide (more like cavity). But it turns out that some localized mode can not be excited by the normal wave port. But I am not familiar with the internal lumped port. Could anyone help me with that. I think the best is some example (...)
Hello, The attachment is a tutorial about port selection in HFSS.The use of wave ports as internal ports is described at page7.Two questions I would like to ask are: How shoud I create a conducting cap?Just do it like other solid model? How large the cap should be? Thanks.
Hi All, I got some problems on size of coaxial wave port. Since i am simulated planar antenna which i am using wave port to be touched with my feed point of antenna, although the result of simulation shows me a good size, however, i wondered how large the coaxial wave port should i use. (...)