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Read the freely available NFC standard to see how NFC works. Minimum sensor size mainly asks for required coil dimensions and minimal sensor chip power requirements, NFC field strength range is given by the specification. Which sensor size are you targeting?
Refer to international PSTN standards for allowable quiescent current respectively load resistance in on-hook state, e.g. ETSI EN300001. You'll arrive at about 1 MOhm for mains powered and 100 kOhm for line powered equipment. That's sufficient to simple make simple detection circuits with sensitive opto couplers or similar.
Standard transformers are designed for the expectable voltage variations according to international standards. The positive tolerance is +10 or even +15% maximum. I would expect partial saturation and respective high magnetizing currents for most transformers at 300 V. Depending on the transformer type, it could overheat even with no load.
We are a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of specialized high precision, high density, high reliability printed circuit boards manufacturing in USA (PCBs). We have established our company in 2002 with a firm commitment to match the international standards in the designing and manufacturing of P
Hi ALL, I am a field service engineer by profession and i want to do some certification course which is standardized, reputed and accredited by international standards. It would be really helpful if someone can guide me on this. I would like to know what kind of training and calibration techniques i should take up so that it can help me in futur
Out of curiosity, which national/regional/international regulations are considered in your band choice? Analog FM seems to me as a legacy technology regarding recent wireless microphone standards. 608 MHz to 614 MHz is said to be reserved for radio astronomy (See ETSI TR 102 546). The subband is also excluded for wireless microphone usage according
Try to google EMC compatibility testing. There are international standards on high-voltage pulse testing of components and systems. There are some recent studies on lightning, still not giving too deep understanding of the process. I am afraid that your questions remain unanswered.
Our main area of expertise is providing solutions to end-customers from the electronic market through our divisions: ESD Essentials, ESD shoes, Cleaning machines and fluids, Labeling Ribbons, and Solder bars/wire. Our products have been carefully selected and developed to meet the latest national and international ESD standards. For additional in
international measurements standards, uses metric scales. So, all countries should use that. However, Inches are still widelly used at England and USA. Note that even at all other countries where metric standardization is official, Inches are commonly used at certain areas, as screw and drill, wich uses base-2 fractional inches measures ( i.e.
HI ALL WHAT IS international STANDARD ESD CURRENT & FOR HOW MUCH TIME? international STANDARD? you meant standards such as JEDEC or IEC standard? yep, go to read HBM, MM and CDM and you can use TLP to emulate each models to extract the ESD characteristic parameters of the ESD devices.
Hello all, Does anyone know of some tutorials and/or basic information on PCB design in Spanish? If there was something for PADS, that would be great ... also just basic stuff for someone new to start learning. I contacted the IPC, which is supposedly and international Standard Organization, but they only have their standards in English and
High Rate Ultra Wideband PHY and MAC Standard: MAC-PHY Interface:
deep knowledge of Math, Physics analog design digital design including VHDL/Verilog Power electronics PCB layout EMI/EMC design techniques C/assembly programming Familiarity with international standards and approval agencies have excellent knowledge how to use equipment scopes, analyzers have a good soldering skills basic understanding o
Hi there, I'm not sure if there are any standard soldering school but i know that there is a international body that set the standards and they train people around the world. It is call IPC u can check this website .
At the China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components (Shanghai, October 11-13), you can meet and do business with competitive, service-oriented manufacturers from all over China ? supplying products that meet international standards. information : .