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It's easy to confuse Magnetic and Electromagnetic. Electromagnetic has to do with photons, radio, light, infrared, X-rays, etc. On the internet you can find articles about Faraday's law, Lenz' law, righthand rule, lefthand rule, tesla & gauss as units describing a magnetic flux field, etc. There are computer simulators which allow you to explore
Can I get the location name using lat/long coordinates without the internet? ?? I am now involved in a project called kids tracker in which I should be able to track exact location name. I am using atmega8 microcontroller along with GPS and GSM modules in which I am able to get coordinates. Please help me how to get Name of the location using coo
144 MHZ is a radio amateur band, so I would think that there will be modules or complete kits available. No point in re-inventing the wheel! Frank I think the modules I am referring is like oscillator in one board, preamplifier in one board etc. I don't think there are circuits available in the internet?
Hi All, I checked some FM circuits over internet and all seems to miss the band pass filter at the last stage. This make circuit transmits on all radio channel which is not something nice from my point of view This circuit operates at 27 MHz and you can see the frequency domain and harmonics on the side of the middle peak www.p
Hi how you doing! I've been trying to build a crystal radio based on designs I found on the internet. I built the crystal radio circuit that I found on the internet, but I've had no luck getting it to work. I've attached a photo of the circuit diagram and the circuit I've built (apologies, it is very flimsy). My (...)
Are there wires/cables already in place? Such as a phone line, internet line. You could send commands over that. It would require extra equipment. Or there is wireless communication. There are walkie-talkie systems that use public radio bands. 6km might be within reach. I suppose you would create transmit coded commands in the audio range. Then yo
Available options are double side-band mixer (simply a signed multiplier) or single sideband mixer (quadrature modulator). A digital imlementation should be more or less obvious, I think. Otherwise, there's a lot of literature about SDR on the internet.
Hi I've been playing about with model rockets and electronics for many years now yet i've hit a bit of a block and i've no idea how to go about getting past it as there seems to be nothing on the internet regarding it what i need to do build a light weight radio control system, very basic, two flaps, moving in both directions either side o
This project was inspired by the clock found on the internet: LINK . Control processor was changed from PIC to Atmega8, to operate on AVR. Besides, you can easily ad
dear sir, if i using GPRS modem to send the data . where i have to send data ? where i have to receive that data ? it is possible to view internet? it is like GSM modem?
Browsing SDR (software defined radio) projects on the internet can be a starting point. If you have any specifications for your project, you should tell them.
I've been a Ham for many years but I have not come across Grundig Ham equipment, I associate them with domestic radio rather than the more specialized amateur band equipment. I'm sure many people on here will help you if you ask questions. I can't download the ebook, my internet connection is very slow and downloads to far too long. Brian. (aka G
Hi Guys, I am trying to implement wimax transmitter and receiver on GNU radio platform, since the transmitter requires various blocks which is not sufficient from the provided one. Can any one suggest me the simple way to create my own blocks step-by-step method. As i have already read the PDF file found on internet but it does not describe the
You'll need a GSM-radio module coonected to a microcontroller. I use the SIM300D and SIM340D from SIMCom. These support GPRS and have a built-in TCP/IP stack. There are hundreds of low-power microcontrollers on the market. You'll need to consider your other requirements to determine which is best for your project. Microchip has an on-line pro
How about this assumption: - it's a meaningful value for minimal acceptable tranmission quality - it's an arbitrary choosen value, now it's a tradition If so, what would you expect to find on the internet? And, unless you're writing a historical radio compendium, what's the purpose of knowing the answer?
LC VCO is proven :) also you can check layout pictures available in the internet (industrial also) and you can see the inductance you should check some datasheets about PLLs and radio transceivers and spend some days with analysing the architecture, maybe it can help...
Hi All. I'm using my TYTN II to listen to radio when I have a long drive. The TYTN II is connect using a FM radio transmitter, with the USB converter. The problem: When using the internet, then battery drain is quite fast, especially if you are on the move and the radio signal is not that strong. I tried few USB (...)
I have 6 chairs that I would like to attach an 8" monitor so that the person sitting in them can watch tv, audio/video on demand, radio and internet browsing. I'm planning on getting server and client computers. All the media would be on the server and the clients would access them via wifi. All the movies and music will be stream using VLC.
I also need an idea for my final year project. I am really interested in communication electronic circuits. After doing nearly 5 hours of surfing around in internet, I find some general topics: Wireless Network Sensor Software radio RFID applications Please recommend the specific topic and I prefer practical topic that I can finish in
Hello, you might think also that antennas are "looking" to the south! As you said at noon you have a noise rise maximum... it suggests that the sun is passing through your radiation pattern that implies that your system is receiving the "radio sun". If look on the internet you'll find a lot of interesting projects about solar (...)