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Hi Dario I am not sure that Cadence/spectre can do the linear interpolation. What you should do is a interpolation of your points in matlab, and then feed this to Vdc in cadence. hope it helps
It means that for one input sample you have two output samples, i.e. interpolation.
I'm trying to design a half band filter for interpolation used in Sigma delta modulator. Current using matlab delsig toolbox by Richard Schreier.. There is a function designHBF. I try the example given and got the result as stated in the pdf which is the snap shot below. I cant understand how connect the value obtain with the diagram given. Anyo
Hi, the upsampling is not that straight forward as down sampling. there are various methods to do the upsampling, the easiest in my opinion is linear interpolation, but you can use quadratic methods, cubic spline interpolation etc... depends on why you need it for... so you have to specify your application a bit more. would recommend you to rea
Hi all, I am designing a interpolated fir filter. I have designed FIR filter using the coefficients that I got from matlab. But how to design a 2 stage interpolated fir filter with pass-band gain of 6.02 db. I read many IFIR filters which uses linear interpolation/b spline interpolation. But I did not get any idea abt getting (...)
I am doing a project in matlab simulink. I am giving input to cic filter a fixed wordlength 24 bit and fractional length i am setting the parameters in the cic interpolation block in matlab simulink with interpolation factor 8,differential delay M=1,no of sections as 9 and i am using zero latency interpolator.Now w
What does it mean - z = 2y ? To multiply use * symbol. For upsample or downsample use 'upsample' or 'downsample' commands. Or design an interpolation or decimation FIR or CIC filter.
Greeting experts, I need your opinion on the following statements. In order to get the window for linear interpolation, I had the formula: p(t)=1-t/Ts where Ts, I took it as 5 since I sub sampled the original image 4 times. Then, I had my window from -Ts to +Ts i.e., and hence this is my frame. My question
Hi everybody! I am doing work with the state space and i have a MIMO system. I want to interpolate my that system over a period 0 to 2*pi. Can anybody tell me how i can play with such stuff?
I'm about to use the FIR compiler IP core and I'm importing my coefficients from matlab. I want to make an interpolation filter, so I'll specify the interpolation rate value to be what I want. My question is: should the coefficients be for the upsampled filter, or not? For instance, if I want a RRC filter with 1:150 (...)
hi all i want to use the LMMSE method in OFDM channel estimation using but i don't know how to make??can any one pls help?? and assume i use the LS method for pilot channel estimation,can any one pls help me in the interpolation method(both frequency and time) using matlab i have found a method called DFT-based channel estimation then usin
I have a project on channel estimation(using LS & LMMSE with interpolation ) and synchronization based on approach pilot(comb-type) in system OFDM at 60 ghz indoor, I wonder if it's possible to send me any matlab code that has to do with this pr
Does any one have the algorthm used for the matlab function pchip for hermite interpolation for monotonic functions? I find the paper "monotone piecewise cubic interpolation" by Fritsch and Carlson (SIAM J Numer anal, vol 17 # 2 april 1980) confusing since it talks of "... the usual cubic Hermite basis functions ..." Cheers, Jim
Hi, I need to interpolate in matlab non-uniform samples of data through six-points cubic interpolation. As the one in matlab uses four points scheme, I am forced to write one for my own. Could someone point me out a paper or book chapter which deals with such a case? At best, I would really appreciate if someone could refer me to a (...)
i divided the a video of 1 second in frames and require to do interpolation of the frames inviduals using matlab to form a high definition frames or increase the reolution and will again joine them to form a hd video of 1 second how can be done any algo suggest me
Did anybody knows who to represent an up sampler in Z-domain? I all ready build a polyphase interpolation filter in which i have 4 subfilter 4 upsampler. I want to see the filter response in matlab thats why i need a z domain representation. Thanks
I want to design a efficient filter for QPSk in matlab's simulink DSP block set. I know that i need upsampler+LPF+interpolation filter but i am looking for such a filter which can do all thses together. Is it possible? If yes or not, please suggest me and give me some IEEE paper where i can get the design. Thanks in advance.
Dear all, I was wondering if anyone knows how to combine (interpolate) 2 antenna pattern cuts (Vertical and horizontal) to a 3D pattern. Any directions to some matlab, c or other code, or relevant links will be much appreciated. Best regards Cross
hi all if: 1. we Defined a time axis from 0 to 1 sec. and that it contains only 200 samples. 2. Generate the signal x(t) = sin(10πt) defined on the previous time axis. 3. Resample the signal x(t) by taking one sample every seven samples from the original signal. Call the resulting signal y(t). HOW TO : Without using the matlab function
hi all can anyone plsease help me out with verilog coding for polyphase interpolator and decimator using interpolaor factor as 4 and 16 tap filter..... thanks in advance... priya...