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1. PIC16 and PIC18 are just different families of processor from Microchip. Originally PIC16 were all 8-bit registers and used 'banks' and 'pages' to segment the memory while the PIC18 used a linear memory map but there are now some PIC16 'enhanced' devices which can use linear memory as well. 2. That depends on what the sensor is. (...)
Hi All, I have a 2 questions 1. What are the most critical maths you need to know when going for a DSP + FPGA interview ? , e.g multiplying 2 N bit numbers will take up 2* N bits. 2. How many bits are needed for a MAC unit ( say you have two 16 bits inputs to a multiplier which goes in the a accumulator of 40 bits) . I dont (...)
Hi all, Can anyone tell me what interview questions will be asked on SPI and PIC controller ???? Thank you in advance.
how does tools do placement optimizations during placement. why clock period is not required in hold time calculation what is crosstalk window concepts
Hi friends, I have been to interview on last week. They have asked me the question as If your laptop is Little Endian and Microntroller is Big Endian, how to interface the communication between them.Can anybody solve this for me
Hi All, I have 2 questions got from an interview. I did not find any answers online and hope you could help. 1. After the timing is fixed in PBA mode, can it be tapeout then? Or it needs some extra step? 2. If using GBA mode to do timing closure, it is pessimistic. Is there any negative impact? Any thoughts are welcome. Thank you (...)
what are the interview questions would be asked for two years in embedded engineer. i have experience in PIC 16f887. i have done only small projects. i have done manual testing. tool is HI-Tech compiler & MP lab
Hi People, I have an interview for circuit design for a last level cache. Please suggest some good books and research papers on cache design to prepare for this. It would be very helpful if there are books with questions and answers in addition to concepts as well. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Thank you
Hi All, Please share interview questions on Synthesis topic. Please share all questions - about cells, libraries, constraints, etc. Thank you!
Hi All, Please publish interesting and also complex questions from Logic Design interviews. Thank you!
Where to find interview questions for Boolean Algebra ? I have an interview coming up soon. Employers will surely ask questions in Boolean Algebra
hi, i am new to CAN protocol , and I Have Basic Knowledge On CAN...I am Trying For Job In Automotive Side. I dont know D answers of these questions. plz provide me anyone, answers for these questions . plzzz 1. What is CAN? 2. What is Asynchronous Serial Communication? 3. Why CAN is reliable? 4. How many (...)
Hi Everyone, here I am posting some basic embedded interview questions which I faced recent interviews. Please post the answers for below questions ? it might helpful for all edabaord members .:-D 1. Macro and inline functions 2. How does a breakpoint work 3. structure inside union 4. (...)
Any help in solving the following question is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. We have 1 bridge with 2 traffic lights at both ends. The two traffic flows need to alternate in accessing the bridge. a) Design a state machine to control the traffic lights. b) How do you minimize the implementation logic?
Hi All, What questions might be asked in the interview for Synopsys Design Compiler Engineer (specially questions related to the flows)? Thank you!
Hi All, What are interview question asked for ICC? I'm familiar with Synopsys DC, not ICC. Would Timing and Optimization constraints be different for ICC (comparing them to DC)? Thank you!
1. In your design you have dual port memories each working at a different frequency. What is the clock frequency you use for testing (MBIST)? 2. When a failure is detected in parallel testing of memories, how do you know which memory is failing? 3. What are the extra pins needed for BIRA (Built In Repair Analysis) implementation? 4. What could b
Hi guys, I am a recent graduate and I'll have an interview for a Systems Engineer Position. I'd like to know if there is someone here on the forum that is a system engineer and can help me out regarding to what kid of questions I should be prepared for? Kind regards.
The job is at Mellanox Technologies - a leading supplier of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage ... thank for the responders...
hi, Most of you must've already passed that interview stage and some others could be the interviewers themselves. So, I thought this thread should be helpful to everyone and anyone who is not just attending an interview but wants to know more about Embedded System. The aim is simple: If you've come (...)