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Hi all, What are the challenges in designing a voltage reference in deep submicron CMOS process? To my knowledge, CMOS voltage reference are designed on the basis of vertical/lateral BJTs and MOSFETs in weak inversion, and they are adopted to emulate the behavior of real BJT. But is there any non-ideal factor/characteristic in these two eleme
Thermal noise for hand calculation is most simply expressed as a drain current noise Idn=4 k T Γ g_ms where g_ms is the source transconductance and Γ a factor smoothly varying from 1/2 in weak inversion to 2/3 in strong inversion. It is valid for all regions of operation. As of flicker that's a much stickier matter since modern (...)
Hi, I am using TSMC 180nm process for opamp design in CADENCE. I would like to know how can I get the Technology current value in order to get the inversion Coefficient. Can anybody provide the solution..
It is there in the explanation of the model : In weak inversion: Id=Im * exp( (Vgs-Vm)/n*φt)*[(1-exp(-Vds/φt), where Im=(W/L)*I'm φt=(k*T)/q In saturation: Id=(k/2)*(Vgs-Vt)? Vt=Vto+γ(√Vsb+φo -√φo) so doing the math we find out that the dependance from the factor of the temperature is a bit comple
Hi all, is this method is valid for calculating n from week to strong inversion? or is there any alternate i need to calculate n(slope factor) to find technology current. Thanks