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use this ckt sg3525 based pwm inverter. o/p diodes can be omitted
use a cmos inverter as an op amp to amplify 60dB ac couple with .01 to .1uF to input self bias with 1~10Mohm from output to input., then ac couple 1~100uF to ear buds 60ohm and listen. Adjust pull up source resistor on Mic to get at least 1~2 volts below V+.. 5~10k range.
The amplifier has to be in linear region for starting oscillation. Probably you are using an inverter gate. In that case, a resistor between X1 and X2 is needed (10k to 1Mohm if it is a CMOS). When you open the drain, the buffer sees a different load, and the amplifier as well. Probably this perturbation is responsible of start up. Regards Z