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Hi hetira, If in your schematic the PMOS Source(S) of the inverter is connected to VDD then it should be fine. Normally NWell is tied to positive potential which is VDD then it is not short circuit it is intended. Cheers, fixrouter
It is easy to sweep parameters in cadence/hspice, but how to sweep the number of devices? For example, I want to know the simulation results with one inverter, two inverter, three inverter.... How can I set the number of inverter and sweep? Thanks.
Hello all, I am currently working on layout in cadence virtuoso having calibre tool. In inverter while doing DRC,I am getting the following error which I am unable to solve since 1 month and I didn't found in google. 1. Offgrid error 2. Orthogonal corners are not allowed at die edge. 3. related to M1,M2,GC coverage. (GC coverage less than 0.2
Suppose i have captured a schematic of inverter. I used UMC180nm and in from it i used only noms(N_18_) and pmos(P_18_). Which library file should i add for these two transistor in IC5 from where do i get the list to for adding library with respect to each used component.
i tried of finding the power consumption in analog design of inverter in cadence virtuoso. but couldnt get it.can anyone suggest me how to find/ steps for finding the power consumption in analog design.
here all i have done layout for inverter in simple mosfet. But as i am doing project in RF transceiver i dont have tutorial about rf layout. I have done LNA schematic but dont have idea about layout. If somebody have documentation then please help me
please help I need to draw butterfly for Write NM for SRAM cell I cut down the inverter into two halves to get the VTC for both INVA and INVB as it is shown in the figure, the result should be as shown in the graph but I got different result, the green curve is wrong while the red one is right, What is the problem with this curve ?? Please
Hello all, I have an issue with LVS. I am trying to implement a 4 bit 1's compliment circuit. So this has just 4 inverters in the schematics and I have used the same in the layout(four instances of inverter layout).With pins added properly I cannot get LVS netlist the si.out file I see that the termbad.out there are some issues.The foll
the following netlist for an inverter was generated from cadence ADE ** Design cell name: inverter ** Design view name: schematic .GLOBAL vdd! .include "/home/students/mhkvy4/ams_install/hspiceS/c35/profile.opt" .OP .TEMP 25.0 .OPTION + ABSMOS=1e-9 + ABSVDC=1e-6 + ABSV=1e-6 + ARTIST=2 + CHGTOL=1e-14 + DE
Hi everyone I want to design an inverter to provide clk and clkbar for transmission gate I don not know how can I size my transistore? does any body have an idea? Thank you Hello, here you can find a good lecture notes from Berkeley university about inverter sizing.
I see there is a "blank" between inverterlayout. & calibre.gds Guess Calibre cannot cope with blanks in file_names.
A digital inverter switches its output high or low so each output transistor is a common-source type. An audio or video amplifier must have a linear output that can produce all voltage levels so source-follower transistors are used. A class-B amplifier produces crossover distortion because when the signal is near halfway both output source-follower
Hi, You are facing problems with your layout design. DRC- Design Check Rule . So, there are issues with your design..You haven't placed the gates well. Also, Keep in mind the lambda rules while making layouts. A inverter in Microwind should look something like this : 114679
Hi all, I want to make an inverter using QDGFET. But I don't know how to implement a QDGFET in cadence. How can I do this using verilog code?:?:
How can I replace a NMOS & PMOS by a N-QDGFET & p-QDGFET to design a CMOS inverter in cadence?
Sir, How to plot inverse voltage transfer characteristics of an inverter using cadence virtuoso. Please help me. In case the problem is just "plotting", why not simulating the "normal" transfer characteristics (Vout/Vin) but to plot Vin/Vout ?
Hello, I have created an NMOS and a PMOS using skill script file. The problem is they are in different files and have default coordinates where they are placed to. I am trying to find a way to place them top to top e.g. like this: 103946 and connect their pins to create an inverter for example. So far I have
how can i measure delay of simple cmos buffer (2 cascaded min sized inverters)? measure delay of each inverter and sum them ??
Hello, I keep getting the above error when attempting to run Assura DRC on a simple layout of an inverter. I am using IBM 90nm technology. Additionally, here are some of the errors in the cadence terminal: *No tech lib map file 'assura_tech.lib' or 'pvtech.lib' found. *No rule sets can be created because there are no defined Assura technologies
Hi friends, I have a problem using the components available in artisan library in cadence, when I put one inverter (INVX1) in the schematic and try to perform a simulation, he following error appears by Spectre. Anybody could help me, please? ERROR: Netlister: unable to descend into any of the views defined in the view list: "spectre cmos_