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Hi, everyone, i am designing a battery to supply a motor. (through inverter and transformer) my motor rating is 8kW and supply with a 240V, is that mean that the ampere require is 33.33A ? in this case, if i want to supply the motor for 2 seconds only, how to calculate the consumption?
This is the circuit: With no load it does fine. But by the time it gets to 50mA it's down to -3V. Ideally I'd only exchange components here. I used all the parts shown except I used schottky diodes ( IN5819 ). I had a IN4007 in there before and got basically the same result.
Hi everyone. there is usually no power consumed in an inverter. Bt im required to find out a condition that allows an inverter to consume power. does anyone of u knw the condition? Thanks in advance59269
I want to know the working of the circuit given in the attachment
hi...i need a schematic that are not to complex for a very high current inverter..application for aircond or any device that need high curent ac supply..plz help...
This probably has been beat down before but all I was able to find is Low VDC to 120VAC. What I am looking for is a Low 12.6VDC to Low BUT I need very high current to the tune of 40A+. I found the following schematics... And All I will be using is the first