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There is a standard for "land pattern Naming Conventions". it is called ipc-7351-B. And there is a naming convention for the footprint of a switch in it. You can use 'Google' to find this naming convention. regards
Pad dimensions are calculated, based on the dimension of the leads and the type of the leads. ipc has developed a standard for land pattern dimensions. ipc-7351 I am doing land pattern creation for over 10 years now and all the dimensions needed for calculating the (...)
Hi guys, I'm strugling through the ipc-7351 standard and there is one thing (well, many actually) that bugs me. The component courtyard is defined as: "Courtyard ? The smallest rectangular area that provides a minimum electrical and mechanical clearance (courtyard excess) around the combined component body and land pattern (...)
I would recomend going for the ipc-7351 footprints, they are becoming the de-facto industry standard. The viewer is free and will give you all the information you want for nothing: ipc-7351 land pattern Calculator and Tools
here at my compagnie we use the ipc land pattern naming conventions. Which is very usefull for almost all components. If we need to have more information we simply append this to the standard pattern name. You can find the document at a pattern name like CAPC1608X100N means a C
There is a free viewer available for this at hey are the ones that defined the ipc STD it is the same.
If creating components is your thing, you should have a look at the PCB libraries component wizzard. This tool is based on the ipc-7351 land pattern standard. All you have to do is to select the correct component type, fill in the dimensions (from the datasheet) and export it in the desired format. It can output in all (...)
Search for the ipc-SM 782A footprint standard & you cannot go far wrong for this. Or the newer std from the ipc website, it has a downloadable viewer to help you.
I don't understand so well what you means...but I try to answer you. At the beginning, we have used ipc-SM-782 "Surface Mount Design land pattern standard" that you can find on , and now we have "fix\adapt" the component pads whit the productive process. MKBS
dear fridends: now I am looking for the pcb land pattern standard. who could tell me the standards(except the ipc-SM-782) or share with me? thanks! :P
Hai Is there any program to calculate the land pattern size(foot print) as per ipc-782 standard? has a online calculator.But I am looking for indepentant one. rishab