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Hello, We are doing an SMPS using the DCM3623T50M53C2T00 Vicor DCDC module. We need to know what is the ripple current in the external output capacitors that we must fit. Please either state it (ripple current), or comment on our method of derivation?.. PSU Spec: ???????????????. Vin is 33V Vout is 48V iout is 6A Crossover fre
Hi, What is the use of base fill after streaming out the gds in asics ? Is it only to fill in the gaps where there is nothing placed, for eg. between the core and IO areas, or in the halo areas around macros ? Or is something filled between the base layers of the already existing standard cells, macros etc ? Thanks, Aditya
hi could i use directional coupler instead of combiner? i need to combine two signal but hasn't any combiner. if i use coupler, what happen for signal? is that degrade? freq=uhf. tnx
In two-tone nonlinear simulation. How much should be Fspacing? And also is it RF frequency should be the centre frequency? Note: my target frequency band 3.4-3.6 GHz. thanks
Hi, Everyone. I have a complete design in Cadence Virtuoso, and I want to import a layout file of Cadence SOC Encounter to Cadence Virtuoso. Can I combine Cadence Encounter Layout and Cadence Virtuoso Layout together?
Hi, 157739157738 I am trying to capture the inrush current waveform of a pmdc motor in an oscilloscope. When the actual inrush current value is 75A, we are able to capture only 44A with set up shown below. The artificial network used is a RLC filter circuit. Please suggest any other alternative ar
I am trying to make an amplifier to amplify pulses of a microsecond from an optical detector. The amplitude is of the order of 100 mV and a gain of about 50 is desirable. Any one may please help providing a link to suitable resource and suggest a readily available operational Amplifier IC
Hello all, I have a question about the SERDES terminations methods. In the DDR world, we have different termination specs for LPDDR, DDR3(SSTL), DDR4/5(POD). Is this the same story in SERDES world? Are PCIe, SATA,XAUI, etc having different terminations? Where can i find the summary of those termination methods? Thank you!
I need to wind the toroidal coil T130 ironpowder 7 theard, current 2A, frequency 15MHz My first choice and practically proven solution is use magnet wire 1x1,2mm + simple solution + mechnically stable + the wire holds well on the toroid - higher AC resistance (Skin Effect Depth on 15MHz 17um) second option Use 4x0,7 wire, + the re
I renovate cine projectors, and I have come across the below capacitor which has three leads and not sure what to replace it with, anybody got any ideas. Hunts Capacitors 0.1+0-005+0.005 25v A.C Wkg to B.S.S.613 List No. Z497 A 11W Three wires two reds and green 157684
Hi all, I have a question regarding the control panel device installed in the gym equipment like this:157619. Would anyone teach me the following questions? 1. what are the main components used for this kind of control panel? 2. is there any popular development kit that can be used to implement the features requir
Hi I want to use SMPS for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and display but we need type B usb cable for supply. How can I customize USB cable for it? I have cut the one USB cable and there is 4 wires. 1. GND 2. +5V 3. Data+ 4. Data- I have connected GND to the GND of SMPS and +5V to the 5V of SMPS. And gave power to RPI and display but after s
Hello Forum, I did post synthesis simulation on netlist generated for two different technology nodes(28nm & 40nm) for the same design. The post synthesis netlist simulation worked for 28nm technology node, but it didn't work for 40nm node. The design met timing in both technology nodes. I checked the library setup and everything looks good. I
Hi Attached is the current in a single source of a three phase star connected supply feeding into a 3 phase rectifier which runs into a resistive load??as you can see.. the current is nowhere near sinusoidal??.howcome three phase 6 pulse rectifier fed loads don?t need power factor correction? Schem and ltspice sim also attached
Hi, I am trying to read in UPF at RTL level. For the all standard Cells, Memories, Analog Macros - Power config file is used to add search path and db file name. I have the below two observations - 1- After adding power config file, I have removed the corresponding RTL files of standard Cells, Memories, Analog Macros from file list. Aft
Hi, I am looking for Microcontroller by Microchip that support higher baud rate like 115 k or higher with internal oscillator. Any suggestion ?
I am new on PCB Design. I want to learn, as I have no idea about how should I do my own designs, I am copying some existing ones .. So, I choose a Simple One, a Frequency Generator Module (XR-2206): 157392 The PCB Layout at the Top looks like this: 157393 and at the botton looks like th
Hi, The ckt as as draw as attached, is a auto/manual control panel board for pump-motor and trying to configure to run with MCU control auto operation and manual (with start/stop button in board). With the panel here i have included 2 nos relay: Relay-1, NO, parallel connected to START BUTTON and Relay-2, NC, series connected with STOP BUTTON for
Can someone suggest a source or sources for Product Enclosures... Either plastic or metal... Prototype and production quantities of 50 to 100 or more Sizes include: small circuit Arduino board inside... medium like the size of a modem or router or cb radio Larger like maybe the size of a desk top HF transceiver
I have question How can we send multiple bytes via UART?, What happen if we want to send multiple bytes assume want to send 8 bytes ? If I want to send one byte data, I can send like : start-byte1-stop //send one byte Can we send like this start -> byte1-byte2-byte3-byte4-byte5-byte6-byte7-byte8-stop //