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irf540 has 100 V Vds rating and can't work. For irf840, it's essential that the gate soure voltage rises fast enough, e.g. < 1 ms, otherwise the safe operation area would be exceeded. Lamp inrush current of about 3 A won't be a problem if the transistor is switched fast enough.
i just want to build an inverter as mentioned above, i have already some components like irf 540 mosfets, two transformers extracted from 750va ups, can i use them to do the job. i had already some old 500 va ups. second can i convert them to build an inverter around 500 watt. if so, what are the changes required to be done
use irf 540 for q1 & rfg30p06 for q2 use 10k resistor on gate & gnd it
I would use an irf540 MOSFET to switch the current from a 12 V source to your 4 Ohm resistor. Only please connect the N-channel between ground line and resistor; the other end of the resistor will be connected to +12V. irf 540 can be driven by a TTL signal to gate; you can find more MOSFET types among "TTL-controlled (...)
hey abhi tum banana kya chahtey hoo 7805 is not efficient instead use kro buck inducter with pwm then comprator for voltage of 5 volt thats all inductor on toroid aur switcher me use kro irf 510/540
It is possible. I recommend irf Z44. It's a power mosfet. It should do the job. irf 540 isn't bad, but Z44 is better. Hope this helps and don't forget to press the helped button.
irf 540 is the most common available mosfet with a power rating of 150W max. all the other feature should meet your requirement, i hope