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pls can someone tell me how get an isd 4004 chip on isis professional(proteus). i need it in my project design
is there a easy to use chip that is similar to the winbond isd2560 . i need the new chip to be parallel addressable. as i already have code to control the isd chip. just need higher quality sound,,, maybe a parrallel controlable mp3 chip?
Here is isd1700 desing guide booklet 81 pages Mic and speaker selection guide google isd1700 problems............. [url=www.electr
have a look at the isd4003 isd4003 In-stock Suppliers,isd4003 Price,PDF Datasheet Download - ,The isd4003 chipCorder? Products provide highquality, 3-volt, single-chip Record/Playback solutions for 4- to 8-min
Hi, I have designed a circuit that plays voices using a PIC and a isd4003. It plays and records well but sometimes the voice in isd would get deleted. After I record it back, it becomes OK again. Does anyone has any idea how to delete voices in the isd voice chip? I have read the datasheet of the isd but (...)
If this is for a one-off project, consider using one of the old isd voice chips, such as the isd1420 'chipcorder'. That gives you twenty seconds of addressable speech, and has a very simple parallel interface. It can even be used as a stand-alone device without using a microcontroller. They are almost always available (...)
Hi, I am trying to play audio clips in a isd 17240 chip and to control and give instructions i am using 8051 microcontroller (Philips P89v51rd2 being precise). But i am not able to even make the isd chip get into SPI mode!! Can any one help me with a basic piece of code for isd 17240? I am writing the (...)
Dear you can use isd1400 series ICs. They have recording capacity from 10sec to 16mins.
Program the PIC in the sequence you need to recall and connect the respective output pins PIC to the switching pins of the isd chip to reacll a particulr message. Most of the application cicruits will be found on the chip datasheet. Cheers
The good method is to write a computer program that uses a simple handshake protocol with a microcontroller through serial port. You can connect sound card output to analog input of isd chip. Microcontroller is also attached to isd1700 chip through SPI. In that case, the computer program plays .wav file, sends RECORD to the (...)
isd part os ok. You didnt mention anything about the ATmega 8535 seen in your schematic. ry running your circuit without the interface to the micro. Usually no deletion of data takes place unless any comand is given or the Microcontroller does it or finally the isd chip is damaged. Cheers
I'm trying to build an audio dial tone. So when the person dials a number on the phone pad, they will be able to hear out loud what number or button they pushed verbally instead of a dial tone. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Example User dials 1-800 The user will hear "one" "eight" "zero" "zero" ---------
Hi all, Is there anyone who have an experience on writing a source code to play a message of isd 2548 chip? Actually i tried to write a source code in C and using a PIC to play the message.The mode i use is the addressing mode.I didn't use the operational mode because I'm using the addressing mode to record the message into the speech IC.When i
Thanks un advance.
Hi all Here is complete information about text to speech control or talking chip with two ready project based on PIC micro to demonstrated the interface with micro, I have also started a talking temperature controller with these chips isd 14XX are more power full chip to there other relevant chip and I (...)
I have been told that isd devices have a crappy quality I have two engineering sample of the isd5116 and would like to realize a prototype controlled with IIC with any kind of microcontroller. do you have any ideas further more to store 4 minutes of good audible quality audio signal? someone tell me instead of using an isd (...)