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Hi, It is know that the isi can be compensated by a time-domain channel equalizer--a linear transversal filter. From the following paper, tt is said that "the number of adaptive tap coefficients is on the order of the number of data symbols spanned by the multipath". For ex, If RMS delay spread=10us data rate=1MHz Then number of taps=1
According to Nyquist bandwidth constraint for transmission without isi , the minimum channel bandwidth should be R/2 symbols /sec, where R symbols /sec is the transmisson rate. If this is correct then i want to know that if this channel cannot support full transmission rate then do we use this model ??
What makes you think that isi limits communication range? We are able to commincate even with satellites based on the outer reaches of the solar system! Wireless comm range is limited by attennuation & fading. isi affects the speed at whuch we can communicate (how closely symbols can be sent). Thus at long distances, bit rates would be (...)
What a wonderful and deep question! OFDM: frequency selective channels make isi on the transmitted data. To combat isi you can send data by OFDM. It shrinks the symbols on multiple adjacent but overlapping frequency bands (known as subcarriers). As the channel in each subcarrier is flat, there is no isi. MIMO: (...)
This may be help: n telecommunication, intersymbol interference (isi) is a form of distortion of a signal in which one symbol interferes with subsequent symbols. This is an unwanted phenomenon as the previous symbols have similar effect as noise, thus making the communication less reliable. isi is usually caused by (...)
Hi all, i have a problem using the pulse shaping commands in MATLAB i.e. rcosine( ),rcosfir( ),rcosflt( ). I can't understand the arguments of these commands. Problem: We can transmit 'Rs=2W' symbols/sec (Rs is the symbol rate,W is the available bandwidth) with zero isi if the available bandwidth is W Hz. But this requires nyquis
Can any one help me to understand the difference between the following terms in wireless communication: 1- Inter Symbol Interference(isi). 2- Fading. 3- Doppler Shift. Thanks in advance