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How do you create or modify a thermistor? I have absolutely no experience in creating or modifying components in the isis Ares package and no experience in C++ or any modern programming language. I am requesting a really simple, step by step approach for this initial model. I shall also be requesting information on how to create or modify tr
Last tim i had a crashing problem with isis was my code in MCU. Do you simulate MCU or what?
I need LTC4449 in proteus 8 but it is not present in library and no other component of this kind found can anyone tell me how to add its simulation model to isis? Or any alternative to this available in isis? Thanks.
I had designed a schematic and this is little bit bigger (means have two many components). After checking it again i had deleted some components like capacitors and resistors whose name are as R1 , C1 etc etc Is it possible in isis to reassign numbers (i think they are known as refdefs) automatically. As it is very difficult to do it (...)
I am designing a weighing scale using ADC ad7730... i want to try its simulation before going to hardware. i am using isis 7 professinal but it does not have library for ad7730... can anyboby provide the same?? or else give the links from where i can get proteus isis libraries for different components.... Thanks in advance... (...)
Hi I am new to proteus,can anyone help /guide me with a good reference to write codes in proteus,not just using the GUI but to manipulate the various parameters involved in modelling of the circuit components.
After some trial and error, found how to solve it: just added a property PRIMTYPE with the original component name, which was VSOURCE. It seems isis use the component name to bind the simulation model when PRIMTYPE is not present. But when PRIMTYPE is there, it's value is used instead of the component name.
hi sir/ma'am how to configure the alternator and transformer 2P3S? i get the right dc output 5v and 12v using voltage regulator but i cannot get the right dc input voltage on voltage regulator's it's too big 39-50v. tnx
hi i cannot find dc jack power in proteus, what is the pcb package and alternative name for that component tnx.
ARES only shows components with packages, a component with package can also be omitted from ARES if the "exclude from PCB" property is set in the isis component properties. Open the component properties in isis and check what is shown in PCB package and the exclude checkbox P.S. images should be attached in the message, using external (...)
The only way I see this possible is by using three pin components in isis connected to the pot (each to one pin of the pot), then in ares you can move them individually to any position. You also need to exclude the pot from the PCB (from the component properties), using that way you can use the pot while simulating but it is not shown in pcb. H
These are components that don't have a PCB package defined for, in isis. Select the appropriate package for each component. Or, assign packages to all your components in isis and then export to ARES.
Hi All, Once again i like to raise this question. I am using isis for schematic design and ARES for PCB design, I want to do final netlist cross check by taking out the netlist file from isis and ARES and comparing it. But what the problem is both the files are in different format and the netlist priority names are also found
Hello Guys, anyone knows where can i download library for TWS 434a - transmitter module and RWS - 434a receiver module? I really need this so i can simulate my design in isis, Looking forward for your help guys, thanks. Best Regards Abbey
Hello Everyone, I already have finished the project i've been working for quite sometime. I used Proteus isis to test and simulate my schematic design. I am ready to do the pcb layout part, however not all of my components have corresponding pcb layout model. Most specially a small Surface Mount IC. I want to make my own model so i can cont
If you familiar with schematic design software Proteus isis, there is a simulator for 8051. You can simulate complete circuit including 8051 and other components.
as we simulate an circuit in there any way to direct design that simulated circuit in to pcb design in isis??(means that directly convert in to pcb design??) or other software provide such kind facility??..(like..simulation to direct convert in to..pcb design)
In Proteus isis, if there is a library GLCD by name GLCD.LIB and GLCD.IDX, and if it contains a glcd part by name GLCD1, we can place that part on to the .DSN file we create. If we send that .DSN file to somebody who doesn't has GLCD.LIB and GLCD.IDX files on his system, he can view and simulate the file. Now, what I want to know is, How can we
So you have already use ARES a few times if I understand correctly. I assume you have made your schematic in isis so press the ARES button ,place the components in positions that seem to give the easiest routing solution and either wire them manually or use the autorouter to see how far it can go with the solution. In order to use the autorouter yo
Hi ! I have moderate size schematic assembled in Proteus isis 7.7. ~50+ components some smaller ICs and one 40 pin MCU + 16x2 char LCD + USB. Goal: Is to build a prototype PCB. First off prototype (DIY method). Then a print file for mass production. Purpose of goal: To test, analyse and debug system (device PCB). [SI