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Hi, so i decide to change my chip Why? Simply change the burden resistor of the ct... My problem is about buffering How much buffer i need? It depends on WHY you need the buffer. If you just want to transmit the data to the PC, then maybe you don't need an extra buffer. FTDI has FIFO inside. For sure you may use b
I am using a VNC2 (in the 32-bit VDIP board and the full Vinculum tool chain) to develop a USB audio host for a design I'm working on. My 2 test audio devices are a Logitech headset (headphones that can be mono or stereo and 8KHz to 48KHz sampling; mono microphone with the same sampling range) and a USB Soundblaster device (stereo headphones at 8KH
I use USB2.0 for UVC application , found some stranger problem hope somebody can help me : 1. Use the usb (device) for bulk transfer , ok 2. Use the usb (device) for UVC , some pc is ok , but most are not ok. the fail case show pid =00 ( unknow pid) , but the data append after pid is corrected in analyzer. If bulk is ok for all pc , but
Hi, I have a coldfire MCF52254 microcontroller which is connected to A/D converter ADS1278 via QSPI module. I have configure the QSPI baud rate to 20 MHz. I am sending out the data via USB isochronous endpoint (interval = 16 ms) to the PC. My question is that i need to collect all the data from the ADC and send it via USB. How do I manage
i need mikroc code for pic18f4550 to send data from two canals of adc to pc via usb porchronou(isochronous transfer mode).
Hi to all I'm attempting to modify the KEIL USBAudio example on an LPC2378 in order to appear as a microphone using isochronous endpoint 3. I modified the example and it works fine. The next step is to enable a double buffered endpoint. Did someone have an example ? I understood the working principle but from the LPC2378 user manual is not clear h
Hi, I am using Cyconsole to load the firmware into EEPROM. I have configured the data transfer mode as isochronous. Version of Cyconsole is But I cannot do data transfer from EZ-USB interface as the Iso Trans button is inactive. I m able to load the the hex file. Well, I was able to transfer the data from console as Bulk transfer mo
Does anyone know of any demo or usb library in which AT90USB1286/7 have been configured with isochronous endpoints? I have used these 2 libraries so far : 1) 2) I think the USB libra
Hi, Have you take a look at the price ?? Jungo WinDriver is very expensive. If you want to use bulk/interrupt transferts you can use the WinUSB driver from microsoft. You can also use libusb... If you want to use isochronous is a little bit more complicated. For this king of transfert I'm using usbsamp driver provided in the WDK 6001. Re
How does flow control work in isochronous transfers ?. I have an application where I need to put out data at a constant rate but the flow of data in from USB does not need to be stable or constant... how to solve this ?.
what you mean "is possible?" of course it is, wasn't that possible had we USB devices! what is your device that you want to interface it with USB, do you have MCU/FPGA/UART or RS232/485 or fieldbus/PLC or ethernet or what? what is the speed, do you need bulk, isochronous or interrupt,....
actually I read all these thing but my problem is like this, if one of my endpoint supports isochronous transfer of 256 byte in High speed what will be the bandwidth consumed by this transfer. now how much bw is remained so that I can calculate for other transfers.
Try to search for isochronous transfer mode in USB ( and ). Probably firewire will be indeed a better choice.
some usb chips like cypress and ftdi ones support isochronous and interrupt transfers. isochronous transfer has accurate timing, and windows accepts timing concepts related to this type of transfer. Interrupt transfer has a maximum latency. but ftdi didn't supply isochronous device driver, and you should write it yourself (a very (...)
Hello, Has anyone WDM driver of isochronous transfer mode for FT245BM device? thanks a lot.
Hello, Can anyone help me provide some examples about USB isochronous transfer, using FTDI's DLP-USB245M-G device? thanks
Hi, I am trying to transfer data from a PIC via USBN9604 and I need to get rather high transfer rate, approximately, 800KBps. However, thus far, the highest rate I obtained is only 64KBps. I have tried the ping-pong method, bulk and isochronous transfer etc. Please help. Thank you very much.
Hi all, I want to experiment with 1394 (firewire Does someone have a schematic I just can build to learn to implement 1394? I want to build a isochronous data transfer module: PC SYSTEM has DATA (audio/ video or other packages) --> send over 1394 on isochronous channel. Thanks in advance
When will SOF be sent for a device who has an isochronous interface? All the time after the isochronous interface has been enabled? Or just during isochronous transfering? If an isochronous interface is enabled, but no data and no request(IN) are issued, what status should be? Can the bus be suspended? Or MUST SOF be sent (...)
You can use a interface with FTDI chips or National USBN96xx chips. For voice applications must use isochronous USB mode; bulk mode work also but you may need re-buffering of data flux.