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LPC2148 jtag pins are shared with GPIO function, in so far there a various options to stop jtag access by configuring the processor inappropriately by your application program. jtag should be always accessible in reset state. jtag access can be also disabled in the configuration word. isp bootloader can't (...)
No that will not be recognized in avr studio. You will have to use an external program like avrdude - - - Updated - - - To debug you need a jtag device like jtag ice. USBasp or AVRisp are just isp programmers. - - - Updated - - - Here is a DIY jtagICE but it only works in AVR (...)
Hello everybody, I seeking an in-system programmer for industrial purpose. What is my requirements: - I need different kind of interface -> DAP, jtag ect. and not so big size (like 1 or 2 box of cigarettes for one channel programmer and maybe bigger if it will be several channels programmer). - fast programming and (...)
If the processor are not new out of the box it is possible that the isp programming configuration bits have been disabled with a jtag programmer.
use the following schematic as an easy way for programming(isp)
you need isp programmer with jtag
While making a evaluation board using 89s51 and avr our instructor mentioned three ways which are Off the board program,isp (In System Programming),jtag I am aware of isp that a programmer can change the code while mcu residing in the board but i could not completely understand the off the board program and (...)
What programmer are you using ? Ponyprog or Atmel isp MKII ? The device have some fuses that enables/disables jtag. If you use the pin dedicated to jtag, you should disable it programming fuses (that is setting it to 0 because the default state is unprogrammed). Some situation is for clock selection. See the device (...)
Hi Normally with isp and jtag programmers when you get eratic results you have noise on the clock line of the isp programmer. Normally it helps putting n small ceramic capasitor (2.7pf to 10pf ) near the device you try to program on the TCK line ( or whatever the clock signal is called ) to ground. If (...)
Try following link the site also provides a link to ispprog software. it has been working well with me. Sarma
Is there a schematics of isp flash programmer for new ATMEL AVR32 microcontroller family (something like STK200 ...) ? Regards
Not all the micros have a booloader to use the serial interface .Most of modern ones have a jtag or isp .interface ,,That's why they sell you a specific programmer.
Yes,with jtag you can do software debugging and programming of micro in both jtag and in isp mode. In jtag mode you can program FLASH and EEPROM and Fuse bits ,you can do this also in isp mode of jtag ICE.
Hi, You need some unversal programmer with appropriated adapter or use some isp or jtag chip. Don't expect simple programmers for old Altera chips.
is there any way by which Atmel? AVR isp In-System programmer can be used to program Pics mcu can it be used for example "with icprog" as jtag programmer?
Hi, I got an used 7128s but ByteMaster programmer complaints "unrecognized deviec or empty socket". I think the cause was those jtag pins were used for IO and thus isp function blocked. I don't have a standalone programmer to erase the chip, are there any way to restore the isp function. Regards, Epegic