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hello, i am trying to write a program for dspic30f4012. I have a requirement to call a adcvalue() function within an interrupt routine of timer1. This adcvalue() function needs to switch on the ADC. Load the digital values of analog signals at AN0 and AN1 to variables defined as data1, data2. And then again turn down the ADC. This cycle r
I don't know BASCOM AVR programming. I don't have that Compiler. Where is your Timer Interrupt Routine ? Timerx and Global Interrupts have to be enabled and a counter has to be incremented in Timer isr on every interrupt. When count reaches 200 you have to toggle an LED or do whatever you want.
again thanks Dont not use delay in the isr
hi,i am new to avr programming, i tried this below code,,where in my main program i make sm bits toggle for 5 times,,and i give an external interrupt to INT1. In my interrupt routine,,i just give some delay of 10 secs..i tried in proteus. my interrupt is not called when i give high signal to int1 pin,..i tried these interrupts logic 1.any logic c
In isr remove the line... You are disabling serial interrupt after receiving the first character and then not re-enabling it. Also there is no need to disable the serial interrupt. Have you configured Zigbee or XBee using XCTU software? TI_1 = ES1 = 0;
okay, thanks. Hi, Bit pointless using a micro if you have to create a delay with a 555 chip. Pic chips have several inbuilt 8 and 16 bit timers 0 1 2 etc to be used for just such events. Use the isr on the timers, which are short durations, to increment a simple second level counter, if needed. Tim
An overflow interrupt would do the job but a 16-bit timer is not enough to count up to 1 sec even with the prescaler for xtal frequencies in the MHz range. So you may decrease the frequency or use a countdown variable in the isr to time 1 sec then minute then hour etc... For example if your timer overflows at every 25ms then a countdown of 40 will
Why does the code below send continous no of 'U' in proteus simulation virtual terminal.I am using winavr for programming atmega8 By putting "cli();" instruction in isr should have disabled interrupt. but 'U' is being continuously delivered. what is the problem here?? #include #include #include
Hall Sensor Based BLDC Motor driving using microcontroller. #include //BLDC DRIVER delta connection and hall sensor #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 unsigned char n=0,hall_sens=0,k=0; bit DIR; const unsigned char commutation= { //---------------forward---------- 0x80,0x24,//10.01.00 0x31,//
CAUSE Warning 15 indicates that the linker has found a function that may be called from both main code and an isr (or functions called by an isr) or from multiple isrs at the same time. One problem is that the function is not reentrant and it may get invoked (by an isr) while the function is already executing. The result (...)
Interrupts are never called...................... they are generated .. connect a switch to INT0 pin. when the switch is pressed the state of INT0 pin changes then it will enter isr automatically...
Hi WStevens, first of all I'm learning MCU programming so I could be wrong. Anyway, this is the isr code I used with the same microprocessor (f877A) to simulate a clock, last year, with an external clock (Xtal=20MHz), prescaler=32, TMR0 (preload time) =100 (it should be 102 but, trying and retrying, I've seen that 100 was the best). It's not very p
my dear friend the first rule in programming is that the main program executes in a closed loop. other functions will be called from the main program and after executing the same,it will go back to the closed loop.this is applicable to interrupts also. the difference is that the main program will not call (main program can call the isr's in a d
HI It is bad programming way to place a while loop inside your isr routine You can place a SWITCH or IF sentence You also need to implement a ring buffer for avoid loosing data All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
hi I am also currently working on the same micro. I cant see interrupt handler in your code. When the timer generates and interrupt your micro needs to store all the current registers and PC into interrupt stack and then service the isr. At the end of the isr you need to retrive all these registers stored and PC. Else you micro wont
But i have new error here. Error - section 'isr' can not fit the absolute section. Section 'isr' start=0x00000004, length=0x00000010 What does it mean? thanks It may be because your code overwrites Interrupt Vector location 0x0004. Use a GOTO in the beginning like this or show us your full code. May be it
Hi friends, I am currently using 89c52 for one of my application. My Q? is I want to call the TIMER Interrpt every 1 SECOND.What are the values to be loaded in TH0 and TL0.Can any body please help me to kill this issue and also provide me some links for Timer isr programming in C language. Thanks in advance. Regards, viswanath.
hi all, I am using ATmega1280 uC and IAR Embedded Workbench IDE for programming and simulation. I have written a LED blink program that is working fine . I have written interrupt based code for USART and Timer but those are not working fine, when i simulated timer is not incrementig and therefore timer overflow isr is not executing. S
By the way I don't understand why I can't use interrupt 5 (i.e. Timer 2 overflow) eventhough I have set TR2 = 1 and ET2 = 1. the other 2 interrupts work (1 and 3, for Timers 0 and 1). The TF2 flag must be cleared by software at the end of isr. Obvious if you want isr to be executed every time when timer2 ove
rtos provide a platform for the application programs to work and it can manage a number of real time interrupts and routes the program counter to isr

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