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Jdm Programmer 18f4550

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You may choose a serial port programmer like a jdm programmer or USB based programmer like the GTP usb lite, Plus, June bug or the Pickit 2lite. All will work fine for a 18f4550. Every programmer is discussed here in eda before. Just have a search. Cheers
jdm PIC programmer can program 18f4550 :
I used this jdm to program my ICD2 (16f877A and 18f4550) along with software WinPic800 and works the diodes (ecepcion zeners) are 1n4148 Transistors are
icd2 clone with a 18f4550 and a 16f877 all you need is here: you will also need to make a small jdm programmer to program the two pics if you dont have one...