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Plz help me download modelithics Design Kit for ADS2011 and jfet J310 model. I can't download from modelithics homepage. Thanks in advance! :-)
Referring to the simplified quadratic model, jfets can be characterized by Vgs and Idss. BF245A Vgs is in the same range as J201, Idss is considerably larger, transconductance respectively, too. So it depends on the circuit, if BF245A works well. Regarding Tillman's amp, the author refers to 2N5457 that's been working in the same circuit, it's
Could you simulation this circuit by pspice ? Try config Nbreake-jfet spice model as datasheet. I had done this project long time ago, but not High Bitrate . - - - Updated - - - Could you simulation this circuit by pspice ? Try config Nbreake-jfet spice model as data sheet. I had done this project long time ago, but
Hi all, I am trying to simulate a jfet in orcad Pspice and i am facing the following problem The pspice calculation of the drain current is different from my hand calculation. Could somebody please explain me where am i making mistake? The jfet iam using is J2N3819 and the model parameters are .model J2N3819 (...)
Dear Friend! Hi You can use The equivalent circuit of jfet for a mosfet ( at small signal). Best Wishes Goldsmith
I guess you should generally go with HEMT transistors, which in general provide high frequency, high gain and low noise performance. I can't tell you any particular model though since this is kinda speciality component. I know that Avago Technologies does make GaAs high frequency jfet's. Also RFMD has some high frequency products made of GaAs and G
Hello, someone help me with understanding the differential amplifier on picture. Multisim model included U1,Q10,R8 is current source with current I=10-2,5/619 = 12.11mA jfet Q8, Q9 is Long-Tailed Pair Q4,5,6,7 is about current mirror Q2 maybe compensate currnet to base current mirror Q1,Q2 I do not know what they are In any case, if
It depends on the device. Do you have a model? For GaAsFETs there is a specific model type: Z, but quite a few models simply use the jfet model, I think. Keith.
Simple question: I have a spice model for a 2N5484 that I need to use in Proteus Isis. The model is simple: .model 2N5484 NJF(Is=.25p Alpha=1e-4 Vk=80 Vto=-1.5 Vtotc=-3m Beta=3.0m Lambda=10m Betatce=-.5 Rd=10 Rs=10 Cgs=4p Cgd=4p Kf=3e-17) How do I get isis to recognize this as a model and create a (...)
Need the spice model of N-channel jfet for electret condenser microphone, such as 2SK596,KSK596(Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation),UTC K596(UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD)or 2SK1109. These N-channel jfets built-in gate-source diode and resistor implies fast power on settling time. Attached are datasheets Thanks! ynhe