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Time required for what ? Did't you see datasheet ? There it is stated a minimum time interval of 40us for each command for a fosc=250KHz, decreasing inversely proportional to that frequency.
hi everybody, i am trying to interface jhd162a lcd with pic18F25k22 microcontroller. Port A is used to connect lcd control as well as data lines. Initially i used port registers to write outputs but after reading through the forum i changed it to Lat . i am using internal oscillator INTOSC67 in config1 register as clock thus i
hello friends, I am Third year Electronics and telecommunication student.I am working on electronic lock with password based systeme.I have used MPLAB software. I have used PIC16F877a microcontroller.I have used jhd162a lcd module for displaying message.Project work fine in proteus 7.7. But when run in hardware the LCD shows solid black boxes in
respected sir, i m using 4-BIT mode PROGRAMMING for interfacing with LCD jhd 162A by PIC16F689. here is my connections. coding is done in HITEC C.. /* RC7=LCD ENABLE RC5=LCD RS RC3=LCD DB7 RC2=LCD DB6 RC1=LCD DB5 RC0=LCD DB4 */ my code: #include #include #define LCD_EN 0x80 #define LCD_RS 0x20 #define _XTAL_FREQ
i am trying to test a simple code for displaying data on lcd using pic18f46j11. when i program my controller with this code it initializes well. but the problem is that it considers data as code. for example: if i want to send 'A', it considers its value 41H as DDRAM address and brings the cursor to 2nd position on 2nd line. please help me
Hi, I need Help! Am using NXP P89V1rd2 Micro-controller and am trying to interface LCD display(jhd162a) with it.. But am facing some issues during my work, I need to know to which port pins RS, RW and E should be connected from LCD display. Please provide me the info with Circuit diagram and one sample code. Thanks & Regards, Nitin
hi, I am trying for interfacing lcd with 89s52 for connection purpose I soldered the pins 1..16 with a connecto so before interfacing I try to test it I connect 15(back LED+),16(back LED-) with battery yellow-green led light ups. but When I connect
sir plz provide the complete program for display hello on lcd jhd162a bcz i m new in ec field
some get me right in this code for a jhd162a lcd with spartan 3e module lcd (clk,dcout); input clk; output dcout; reg dcout; reg state; reg en; reg mclk; reg rs; reg count; initial begin state = 8'h00; mclk=1'b0; count=31'h00000000; end always@(posedge clk) begin if (count==32'h016E3600) mc
hi, i wish to interface jhd162 a with atmega16 microcontroller..i am using code vision avr as the programmin software.. please help me with the programming part of it to display all the alphabets with some delay!!
Hi....i jst join help me.......i needed program for displaying NAME on LCD display....m using pic 16f877 ..used 4 bit interfacing... pin connections r: PIC pin no. 19: ENABLE of LCD 20: RS 21: RW 27-30: D4-D7... any1 having solution??????
hi anyone i m working on 10v dc digital voltage meter using adc 0804 and AT89s52 and jhd162a lcd.i want interfacing of lcd and adc with microcontroller..
hey guys, i am having some very trivial problem in my project. but i am just not able to debug it. My circuit is very simple: 8051 based microcontroller (AT89S52) interfaced to 16x2 LCD Module (jhd162a). The problem is : When i power on my circuit, the expected result is that a welcome message should get displayed on the LCD. But actual res
read learn and download something
hi all, i need to implement the following 1. Use CC2341 as the target 2. Connect it to a 4x4 alphanumeric Matrix Keypad 3. Interface it by jhd162a for LCD Display Can anyone please give me the hardware block level design to connect LCD and Keypad with Core. thanx in advance...
Hello, The jhd162a LCD works pretty fine with PIC. Check the hardware especially the control pins. You see the first line with black boxes then the timings or the circuit has some bug. If the hardware is correct, increase the delays for the LCD init and try. If the problem still persists, post your circuit diagram and the code.
hi... This jhd162a dosent have Hitachi controller but it has KS0070B controller from samsung. it has 16 pins These are the pis 1 ---> GND 2 ---> VCC 3 ---> Vs (for contrast adjustment) 4 ---> RS 5 ---> RW 6 ---> EN 7 ---> D1 8 ---> D2 9 ---> D3 10 ---> D4 11 ---> D5 12 ---> D6 13 ---> D7 14 ---> D8 1