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Mr sandip thanks for being helpfull to all i want to know the 845chip motherboard power on path i means to ask as we press the power on how it function jitendra upadhyay
Hi jitendra, Increase the delay of the combo logic by 100ps. Then we can make the circuit to work. Pandit M
Hi jitendra, I have uploaded timing closure in soc encounter document. Go through "Data preparation section I guess which will answer your questions". Let me know if you still have any doubts. Regards
Hi all, I want to know about /tmp directory in red hat 7.2:- 1) how the /tmp directory works? 2) what it contains? 3) How long the data remains there in this directory? 4) What is the size of this directory? is it fixed or variable? Thanks jitendra
Dear eChipDesign, Really a nice step for immediate discussion. keep it up......... but keep seperate rooms for ASIC & FPGA. I have joined today... Requesting all others to join this chat room. its really nice. regards jitendra
Hello , How can I plot Vt (threshold voltage) Vs. sweep parameter in spectre simulations? Regards, jitendra.
How to generate the table of data points (x,y) values from a waveform in cadence AWD waveform viewer? Regards, jitendra.
Hi HIRAL, thanx for ur kind n quick reply. This is not sufficient for PD flow, Willl u send some more material to my personal mail id. Hi jitendra, Here is a book on physical design : This might help you. Check Amazon to know about
Please find good material on DC DC converter and buck. jitendra Dhasmana.
Hi to all, "I WISH TO ALL INDIAN A VERY HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY" "ON 26TH OF JANUARY 2008" Regards, jitendra Batham, Pune
It means that the output voltage should not vary more than 0.1% for the change in the supply voltage or the given load current step respectively for line and load regulation. jitendra Dhasmana.
You should check the Process Control parameter file of the technology and there the devices will be characterised and you can see the required parameter. jitendra. Added after 1 minutes: PCD , Process control document.
Hi, Conduction current changes 10 times by change in the Vgs by one subthreshold slope.The subthreshold slope of a typical device is 60-70mV. Regards, jitendra Dhasmana.
HI ALL, If anyone wants jobs in EMBEDDED & VLSI,then click the following link to find the job. Regards, jitendra Kumar, Pune.
Hi all, I want to know the syllabus for the preparation for the written exam for junior engg. (gen) (E&TC). It would really help if u recommend the reference books and ref links. Regards, jitendra, Pune
Hi All, I am jitendra kumar from Pune,i am doing project on security Systems, in this project i am using ADC of Texas company named "TLC0832". So any one can help me how to do programming with this ADC in Embedded C. Thanks & Regards, jitendra Kumar.
Hi all, Can anyone help me to find ADC with SPI communacation , ADC can be of 8 bit or 10 bit,it should be 2 channel or 4 channel. Thanks, Regards, jitendra Batham, Pune.
Hi, I I am doing Phase Noise Sim for a VCO then there is no input freq. source.What value should I give for the beat frequency? Regards, jitendra.
Hi, Larger gate / device length >> Larger Delay Larger device length (same w/l) >> larger output resistance (smaller Gds) Larger device length >> better reliability in terms of hot carrier degradation. Regards, jitendra Dhasmana.
Hi, Generally Reset should be asserted for long time. Reset of one or two clocks will not help. Let me know if I am missing some point from your question. Regards, jitendra