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check this link the only job is Financial iam not sure about that jobs at Intel - Job Search you can check also jobs at Intel - egypt
Hello All, There are some vacancies in networks domain in egypt, Kindly find attached description of available vacancies. Please send resumes to the following
Hey guys , I request help from the telecom engineers here : I want to know the variety of telecom jobs available nowadays (in egypt if possible) or anywhere and what's the best of them ? : I know there's drivetest , installation and commissioning , roll-out , optimization , core network ... etc are there more ?
Hello all. Is there any jobs in embedded systems in Alexandria, egypt ?
unfortunately there aren't any websites specialized in VLSI jobs only in egypt... you can join the yahoogroup called VLSI_egypt and easily find vacancies there through the emails sent to the group...what is your field in VLSI exactly and where are you located???
any body know a good center explain Microcontroller in egypt and what the opportunities of jobs in this field in egypt
Hi, are you ready to give the jobs outside?

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