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Hi everyone I was hoping that someone would be able to help me out with my HKTS subwoofer power board. Having disconnected it for christmas, i was reconfiguring the setup and noticed it wasnt working so I decided to open it up and found some issues on the power supply side. I should mention that my electronic knowledge is rather novice but I am
I do not liked seeing a negative image with no contrast so I made the schematic a positive with more contrast and uncrossed a few wires. Cropping it made the parts closer together. When I went to enlarge it I found it to be a fuzzy jpeg instead of a clear PNG.
Hi, the HDR60 is a pretty good platform, unfortunately not too easy to obtain. The successor (Lattice EVDK/VIP) on the other hand is up to date, there used to be promo actions where you could get them for ~199 USD, but for Ethernet/USB you'd need an extra board on top. There are a few reference designs around for Mjpeg or YUV streaming to a PC (us
Hello dear Gurus and normal guys. I have a question : When i connect camera 8 bit to the Artix 7 (XC7A100T 18kb bram -270 36kb bram-135 max kb-4,860) i can use BRAM for camera 640x480x8 8bit,when framevalid and linevalid on, counter starts to work and make address,wr enabled then on camera pixelclk saves camera data to (...)
This guide is planned for show photography novices. In the event that you have a DSLR camera and are keen on the best way to control your camera settings to take extraordinary photographs at shows, this guide best cheap vlogging camera with flip screen is for y
vector people are wide range provides for vector conversion and any raster file format such as jpeg, BMP, PSD, gif, png, pdf, etc. we offer professional and cost-effective vector conversion services like raster to vector conversion, logo conversion, logo retouch, corporate identity, sig
Hello guys... I have a B&G zeus2 marine chartplotter which is shutting down in the summer on the direct sunlight... Looks like the processor is overheating and shutting down (i compared temperatures with the other one which works ok)... The problem is that everything is hermetically enclosed, bucause it is waterproof... So i suppose that adding a f
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156327 The camera is 3 meters away from the playground. How do I get the actual distance between the balls?
Hi, Can anyone suggest me a cheap bridge IC for camera interface? What I want is a bridge / converter that can take input of video data from a MIPI-CSI / DVP camera and convert it to USB (probably Video class) data. I have search online & just get to know that Cypress offers a solution for such application, but it is too much costly. If above que
I use emgu in visual Studio 2013. The image of one of the cameras is cut off after a few seconds. What is the problem?
For assessing the temperature of FETs on the PCB, how far away from the fet should this thermal camera (HT-04) be held? The spec appears to suggest 32 inches away? We do notice that the temperature reading varies as we move the camera nearer/further from the fet.
Please VHDL Guru's i got 8 rows Bayer signal from MT9 parallel data camera , could someone help me or share VHDL code to convert from Bayer pattern to RGB ?
Dear sir, Once I installed the Advanced Design System. ADS is not installed in the C drive, it is showing installer UI Mode Error. I attached below jpeg file of error message. Help me someone to resolve this issue.
Hey, I'm trying to fix a ceiling fan remote control, it is very simple with very few components. It has a few resistors, 16v 47uf cap, 455E, BA5104 and a transistor (3 legs). When I press any button the led stay on... I remove and insert the batteries and the led is on again - some times it will let me send a command or two and then the le
Try this one instead. It has built jpeg compression, and an easy to use Uart interface.
The Asian Cam web site is a webcam site for adults. What service does the website Paltalk provide? There isn't a end to the type of ladies and there is no end to the variety of girls on this website. I can sort on my phone sooner than I can hand-write notes on it. Are you able to please help me with the settings for my Webcam? Laptops generally hav
Hi everyone, I have a mixed analog/digital embedded board with a mirocontroller (STM32f407... 144 pin) in production and I notice 3 failure on a total of 1000+ boards. The component broken is the MCU (in a board is still working but it is very hot and sink a lot of current, more than the specification) but I cannot undertand what is the cause o
You have probably read about some of the progress in power, as renewables get cheaper. The bigger point is that when we are likely to resolve climate change, we will need to get to near-zero emissions. Part of the remedy is to invest in creation from all five businesses so we could do all these things. The day's portion was a conversation we had wi
For a while I've been thinking about a couple videos to teach the underlying mechanics of how computers work: how electricity flowing through wires is able to do anything useful. I basically point the camera at the table while I hook up wires and switches to a battery. If you're interested in watching me wire up a NAND logic gate and a transisto