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Hi everyone, Please help any one to solve this problem in PADS 2005. i could not import the dxf in mm format ??
Hello, i have simulated the design in HFSS and now for the fabrication purpose i have to make the negative of my design to make the pcb so i export the design to dxf design is converted into .dxf file but now i am not able to take its print out to make the negative. I am not able to convert it into jpg file with exact dimention. so please
The heart was designed in Corel, then exported to dxf. Gcode was generated in Edgecam. At the end, the heart was engraved and cut on cnc milling machine of 5mm plexiglass. The shape of the heart has the dimensions of
hi guys! how do i print my design to scale? i tried exporting it in jpg, bmp but it is not to scale i also tried dxf then opened it in Autocadd, again it is not to scale? i am simulating antennas and i would like to make the actual already to test it. but i can't! i need to print my design wit the right dimensions help! thanks al
Dear All; Please I need to know how can I import image(jpg,..) to Allegro 15.5? to be abackground(new layer). Thanks
here ur request hfss 10,hope help u
I have schematics saved in the dxf format. Any (free) dxf to jpg converters?
Hi anybody knows if i can do this? And, how can i do this? I`ve seen .emf import / load is possible but i dont know how to cvonvert an .jpg (e.g.) to an .emf Thx 4 help!

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