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HERE, I Enlarged it for a Bigger
Gerber file viewer, (plus excellon and ipc356) Free download. Browsing and identifying nets, components and pins, verification. requires: Direct 9c or more, renders 60fps. Windows (or Wine) [URL="www.Zofzpcb.
Hello Dear Members, i have to make pcb package of PVQFN package, i have the mechanical data of the footprint but there are 2 reading for each measurement i need to know which one is correct ? kindly guide me
Hello, From my PADS 9.5V pcb file, I am trying to export ascii 4.0 Version. Requirement from Client. I am getting the error as shown in the attached jpg file. ("Flooding priority was skipped in one or more copper pours because this property is not supported in the selected ASCII format") Has anyone came across this kind of issue before and got s
hi, I know and I am surprised when I saw it on scope. I have attached the pcb diagram. I would be grateful if you take a look, and say your opinion to Thanks
Never forget to ask google
Hello, I've a problem with Altium designer during pcb design. I've finished to design a 4-layer board and I find 2 mistakes. See the below In the top-left red circle there's a lack of soldermas
Which pcb design software can import jpg-BMP-Tiff-Gif schematic picture into a schematic file ? and then into Gerber ? usually one can right click (save image as)from a website as jpg ..but the time consumed to draw it again into the pcb software...3 or 5 ICs with all components,some parts are also not in the library... it (...)
How High can you do hand waving descriptions :roll: without a requirement or a comparison is one example of an 6x3 array of XL Cree LEDS on ALum-clad pcb powered by one of my surplus wall transformers 20
Hi everyone, I'm using Proteus ISIS to design a pcb, and I want to use this type of connector: But I couldn't find in Proteus library. Can any one tell me where I can find it in Proteus library or give me a link to download it it to my library. Thanks.
Hi, For creating Netlist for pads Layout little bit different 1.Tools-->Create Netlist-->Pop up Window open,from that window choose the other Tab select pads pcb.dll file and then generate the netlist file [COLO
! I am looking for a professional embedded designer to consult over an electronic project. Requirements : 1. ARM based MPU Board needs to be designed (Preferably running at 1+Ghz , Dual core). 2. Minimum 1 Gb RAM , 4Gb External Storage(with de-attachable uSD card). 3.
Hello, To etch pcbs faster, the etchants are better to be heated at 40-50C or so. I was thinking of using a heat lamp, like the ones used in the restaurants to keep food heated inside a small enclosure, to keep the air (and so the etchant liquid) heate
Hi, I encountered a blue mask applied to some specific vias of a pcb. When I search for it, I found the following Do you know the aim? "vacuum-tightness for the in-circuit test" is their explanatio
Another option to Interdigital Filter is to use Edge Coupled BPF, or Hairpin BPF. They might use larger pcb area but for example Hairpin BPF provides better rejection and better symmetry. The simulation use FR4, 1.5mm, Er=4.6,
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Disclaimer: this is for my bachelor's thesis, so before anyone posts, yes, I'm probably out of my depth. A lockin amplifier can pick out a signal from noise that's orders of magnitude
Hello, How do i easily draw complex pcb shapes like this in eagle pro... is their some way of clicking on the "dimension" line, then typing in coordiantes succesively so as to get the "dimension" line to follow the coordinates?
Where to buy a blank, double side, pcb board like this graphic card ? :shock: Did you try in your local electronic shop ? Best regards, Peter
hi all, im working on a converter which includes a 3 phase rectifier bridge with diodes named like this... i need to dispose them in such a way so the diodes can be placed on a heatsink beneath the board...pic how could i dispose them in order to h
This clock with additional functions of date and thermometer is built on six Nixie tubes. Assumptions: use of AVR microcontroller one-sided pcb possibility to maintain timing (RTC a
It is a design of simple AVR programmer using port RS232. This construction has the following advantages: low price of the easy available components, ready made bases on the pcb of the device, into which the micropro
It is a construction of home made laminator for pcb and foil (as it was originally designed to be). Picture below shows the parameters of fabric device. [
is a development set that consists of a programmer and universal test board. pcb was made in thermal transfer method, it was printed on laser printer and
You mean on DIY maded development board or to buy in Kit and solder parts alone ? DIY dev board for 8051 :
Sometimes you need to make a pcb in short time, you may also need to create prototypes or your pcb requires changes. Then, when there is no time for order in professionals, you may need an alternative which is quicke
hi where can buy this
Presented here design is a useful item in every electronic lab. Construction: Development board is a control unit of this device. The pcb includes processor Atmega16 and some useful peripherals. Solution
It is a version of home made pcb etching tank ? a perfect solution for everyone who often need to etch a pcb and do not have space and time for making it using separate tanks and mixing the solution. Here are the
It is a microprocessor pcb etching tank. As for the tank without the electronic part: 4mm glass was cut to order. The dimensions of this tank are: 300x255x30mm so as A4 fits this. All the cables go to the side.
Described here design is a copy of THIS project. This version is on through hole components, as it is originally in the design. The pcb is covered with rosin. Attachments t
Hello, I am making a 100KHz sinusoidal test current. It is +/500mA peak to peak. Is the following circuit simulates ok??but is it OK? Schematic: The 0R39 resistor is the resistor on the test pcb into which I will connect the sinusoidal current....(as you see it connected here)
Can i use this BJT circuit for simulating a 33V LED lamp? .....its easier than buying a led lamp.........for the time being ...i need to test the led driver, and dont want tthe hassle of making up a leds pcb.
Hey, I trying to make an output pdf with pcb at scale 1:1 but I don`t know to make this operation. look image Can somebody help me?
This pcb of 600Va quazi sine inverter is manufactured somewhere in Kerala (India) and is widely used as an replacement for old inverters which are bulkier. The pcb is available in local markets for just 600INR or 12USD
This design of display controller was based on this project. This version uses only though hole components as it is originally in the project. The pcb was painted with rosin. S
here design is a universal small adapter for microSD memory cards. The main assumption of this project was to create a construction which can be supplied with +5V or +3,3V. A socket for microSD memory cards was placed on the pcb in a way that the memory card protrudes
It is a design of etching station for pcb. Main assumptions of the project: dimensions of the tank: 250x350x20 driver with microcontroller AVR and alphanumerical LCD display home made housin
It is a design of electronic earrings. The housings were made of milled pcb and pieces of plexiglass with holes for batteries. The device is powered from 3V CR2032, which is the heaviest part of the earring. [u
It is a device in RFID technology ? card reader with integrated antenna on a pcb. The main element of the system is microcontroller Attiny13A and transceiver EM4095. The processor was closed in DIP housing so you do
hello guys i found this product to make pcb metalized or tinned can u please lead for details how to use it time expiry rtc i cant find english tutorial thanks a lot for sharing good infos and clearance seno3211 sorry if posting in wrong area didnt buye it yet so i need some details from expertz
The amplifier was made of old transformer, which was equipped with voltage to power TDA7294. Original pcb of the amplifier was cut off. Capacitors in signal path in the preamplifier were exchanged. The supply is made
This home made distortion is a copy of MXR Distortion Plus effect. Construction: The pcb was made in thermal transfer method. Housing consists of two plates, sanded with sandpaper. Sides were made 4mm thick plywood,
vikash, select net first and then which net you want to change color select the net and then right click change color here i attached snap shot go through it
If you want to protect pcb or device from cloning or usage PC with others cloned pcbs, you can use DS2401 or similar for identification of pcb or device like a one of the way of pdfse
It is a construction based on amplifier Holton 400 and SwansSpeaker HiVi SP10. The amplifier was modified so that instead of 6 there are 4 pairs of mosfets, placed under the pcb and screwed to a 50cm heat sink. Quiescent current i
Looking at: Does circle of pads surrounding the mounting holes serve some purpose?
It is a headphone amplifier, which power transistors are complementary: BD139, BD140 and the preamplifier was made of integrated power amplifier. Burr Brown OPA2134 chip was used. The pcb and system of amplifier were
Use tantal capacitor. Look in any sirious electronics shop or order via
It is a Single-Ended tube amplifier 2xEL84 + ECC83 in aluminum and steel housing. First step is etching and tin-plating the pcb made in thermal transfer method. Then the system need to be soldered. 1% metallized