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To program and debug the device, the development board has an embedded ST-Link V2 jtag/SWD programmer/debugger which is accessed by one of the USB connectors onboard. KEIL supports the ST-Link v2, although you may need to install the appropriate drivers. ST provides demo firmware with a user manual to get you up and
I have a Toshiba TC35667 evaluation board (ARM cortex) with BLE module. I have done proper jumper settings according to their starter guide. But I can't download the code. Getting error "Failed to get CPU status after 4 retries". I am using the latest J-Link debugger from SEGGER, the latest J-Link software, and IAR. Below is the output of J-Li
You indicate the problem existed since you originally received the board, was the dev board shipped with the UART communications demo code already programmed or did you initially program it into the flash? Do the board have a jtag connector? If so, do you know of anyone with a jtag programmer/debugger to attempt to program the device (...)
Yeah got it to work now, urjtag, gave me a few pointers :), btw do I assume correct that when reading IDCODE, the first code i get is from the last chip in the chain? (properly a stupid question xD, just wanting to make sure, only worked with PIC16's before.)
Hello, I'm trying to program my Atlys 6 (Spartan 6 -based, with the Adpet USB port busted) with "Atlys4.bin" or with the .bin present in the demo Atlys_demo_BIST_Clean. These files are available from the Digilent website's at Atlys board section It is stated that the A
Hi all , i am go to design TMS320C5505 fixed point signal processor board i have the schematic but i don't know how to built stack-up for this schematic which contain linear regulator ,UART, jtag ,connector USB ,LCD and Ultra Low Power Stereo Audio Codec are the peripheral . to built stack-up ,depends on pin counting or depends on nets
Hello ALL< 1)i am using xilinx USB jtag cable,and led always showing green even not giving vref. 2)i am sure the usb cable is working becoz another demo board is working with the same. 3)when i am connecting to my custom board it is showing green and i am seing reference voltage to be at 1.5V 4)the same vref voltage connected to demo (...)
Well, now I find myself in exactly the same problem as asked in this post: I'm playing with S3C44B0X (ARM7TDMI core) jtag, and write some demo code to set / dump core registers by jtag. regdump works fine but there are some issue for regset: I write 0x12345678 into the core register, e.g. R3, but
now, I use usb jtag key to do boundary scan in sparc leon3 board. but I run jtagKEY demo tool and use DR SCAN to read IDCODE, it's fail . I don't know wether or not my mistake operation or other. and when I use jtagscan.exe tool to do this , the tool is downloaded from ftdichip main web. it's also fail, and the value is (...)
Hello Regnum, The evaluation version of Nios II is time limited. That means the core runs for a limited time (I think one hour) if the jtag connection (PC to FPGA) will be disconnected. The RTOS installation files are also missing. Regards, cube007
I recently received an Philips ARM demo pack, contains Keil MCB2100 evaluation board (LPC2129 ARM7 TDMI), some demo SW from Keil and Hitex and a wiggler like jtag from Hitex. I also borrowed an Chameleon Pod, which can be configurable as wiggler or raven. It's possible to program the chip either via RS232+bootloader or (...)
search this site for scan tutorial. A while back someone uploaded a good demo for learning jtag/dft concepts. look at those to get some idea. generally DFT tools such as dftadvisor from mentor rips out all flip flops from design and replaces tham with their scan equivalant scan flops available in vendor libraries. there are lots of rules and guide
I bought one these before the promotion at the list price. I'll probably get a couple of more at the $99 discount. The board works well, the embedded jtag USB is very slow (compared to the TI / spectrum digital), however. And, the full-up dev. software and emulator are $$$$. A GNU compiler (ported orignally for the BF535) and an "alpha" 2.4.x linu
you can download their demo version to have a try. You can use the demo version for quite long(maybe 3 months). With this tools you can read out the status of internal signal by the jtag cable. It also supports plot the inported data versus time or versus each other. You can also export the data to do further analysis. So for data (...)

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