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hello guys what's wrong with this simple code? as i guess it must keep at label "circoff" until portc.1 = 0 right ? its not & jump to mainloop always circoff: if PORTC.1 = 0 then gosub mainloop goto circoff endif thx for help
I have seen that there are already built IP Cores available from Xilinx (not sure about Altera) for ethernet interface. you can use one of them in your design and refer to their product guide for a jump start. Regards, MSBR
Team, i need help to make the circuit for 12v for car jump starter for emergency i am shwing the link this link will clear what i want to make the cheapest solution needed?
I would suggest you learn some elementary electronics before you jump into cameras, computers and interfacing. Just do an internet search for "basic electronics". There's TONS and TONS of stuff out there. Back when I was first learning electronics, we had to pass around stone tablets and look at cave drawings. You don't say what you want to do
If you want to learn to use HFSS, start from the basics and do not jump steps. If you are in a rush, search for a small program called 'HFSS Antenna Design Kit'. It should help you generate HFSS models within seconds. (I checked and it has PIFA models as well).
hello friends. in my assembly program the microcontroller has to do two tasks. it should keep complementing P2.0 and when timer0 interrupt is generated(at delay of approx. 71msec),it should complement P1.3 and then jump back to main program and start complementing P2.0 again. in this way it should generate a square wave of T=142msecs at P1.3 and an
There can only be one reset vector and the interrupt vectors remain the same. What happens is that the bootloader uses the reset vector and on start up, decides whether to run the bootloader or jump to the entry point of the application code. There are various ways to do this, such as holding a button while turning on the power or sending some ki
HI, For my a new project, I have been asked to get familiar with Verilog-AMS. I using Verilog from past 4-5 years. But, I am wondering, if any suggestion for how to jump-start Verilog-AMS and any areas which in particular should be looked at. Thanks
I am pure 8051 person i also want to learn PIC and AVR but not able to find time but for you i suggest start from PIC then switch to AVR/ARM for beginers PIC is best only 35 instructions to learn and jump to C and microchip give a good IDE and c complier which you can use.. best of luck
That may not be a problem. In many cases, the first instruction at address 0000 will be a jump to the real program start address. The interrupt vector is at address 0004 so it's quite possible that some bytes between them are not used. Note that an un-programmed PIC location, the value will be 3FFF as shown in the picture. Brian.
Heya, I was reading the book: 8051 micrcontrollers, authir david calcutt and i am not sure about my understanding to section 1.8: Microcontroller clock. The author gave this code $INCLUDE (REG66X.INC) ; lists all sfr addresses ORG 0 ; sets start address to 0 SJMP start ; short jump to (...)
Hi The "_NO_INIT" only implies to variable placed in RAM Since ram contents tend to get random value during power up the compiler fill the ram area with "0" on start up (before he jump into the MAIN loop) Using _NO_INIT macro help you avoid reupload data into ram upon HOT RESET Hot reset are reset that don't harm the ram contents
Hello, I am going to start a project titled "Auto Detect Auto Dial System". This project is to develop a system that can auto detect fire, smoke and break-in house, then trigger the alarm and dial to owner's hp. Somehow, I found limited info available on web. Appreciate if you can give me a jump start in sharing the components (...)
Enabling the drive at an arbitrary motor position will result in a "jump" to the position according to initial state of the step counter. Because your circuit doesn't involve a reset circuit, the initial step counter state is also undefined. Thus the observed behaviour is basically normal operation. I can't imagine however, how you want to achie
In general, no design spec is required. Especially since this is a hobby forum. Just jump in and start building whatever gadget you are interested in. If you want to document something, start by listing the problem you are solving. Then detail the items like physical size, power requirements, inputs, outputs, features, etc. As the list (...)
I have been using a pulse source to spike the vdd in order to jump start the oscillations in the LC VCO. While doing the PSS analysis it shows an error "Input periodic sources can't be used in autonomous circuits". Please help. Thanks in advance.
i m facing problem in connectivity between my delopment station and eBox machine. i m following the jump start guide of eBox 2300SX windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2. i m desinging image by visual studio 2005. i m using ICOP_Vortex86SX_60C_BSP. in which R6010 ethernet driver is already there. i m activating it suring design process of OS image.
Before cars had automatic shut offs, people frequently left the lights on all night. The battery was completely dead the next morning but after a jump start and drive the battery became charged and worked again. But not for long because much of its future life was wiped out. If a lead-acid battery sits dead for a while then it becomes "sulfated"
Any way to turn on/off functions in order to find the supply current of each block? it sounds like there is a layout mistake somewhere - if you use diffusion resistors I would look out for an incorrect tub tie. Is the current always 18mA, or is it dependent on VDD? Does the IDD start to rise linearly, or does it jump up sharply when you pass 3
It will be fine until your battery dies and you get a jump start, and the battery terminals spark a bit.... You need to do some research on powering electronics in a car, it's a pretty tough environment, although I couldn't find any references in ~ 5 minutes of googling. Try looking at the Freescale or Infineon web pages for automotive power sup