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Hi The attached (LTspice sim and pdf schem) is two paralleled Buck converters. Please assist us in making out the circuitry required to make these Bucks share current equally between them. The circuitry shown inside dotted lines is what we have so far. However, we need the sharing to be done over the entire load range of zero to 8A. Clea
I was recently trying to connect my Delta VFD drive with my laptop using Vfd-Soft software (which I downloaded from Delta website) and RJ 45 to USB converter(RS232/RS485 converter). I connected the variable frequency drive to supply and connected the connecting lead to drive and pc both. I
Hi! I designed a dimmer for 230VAC 50Hz for a few GU10 LED bulb with the classic 555 PWM circuit. It basically works but I have some major issues could you help me to improve it? 157452 The basic concept: 555 based PWM tuned around 500Hz rectified AC for the LED bulb (the 10k on the circuit)
hello. i would like to know how to choose correct val;ue of pwm frequency for 3 phase ac motor.
TELEGRAPH AUDIO? is a new brand of analogue audio equipment, based in Ukraine. In the age of digital technologies, the market offers rather small amount of high-quality vacuum tube equipment. But the connoisseurs of a warm tube sound will fully appreciate our devices ? because we do care about the exclusivity of sound and the reliability of
Dear, i will be grateful if anyone can send me the matlab code for using Method of Moment technique to find out s11, directivity and gain of dipole antenna. Thanx
So you have to continuously send a pulse train of 1ms /2ms etc. period to keep the speaker enabled? First of all, that's not PWM, that's simply a train of pulses. If it works, I can't argue with it, but it seems like a lot of overhead just to implement a very infrequent event (enabling the speaker). Your statement "I have connected speaker over
Hello, i am working on FPGA project with 32 duplex serial lines and i need to do conversion to RS232 voltage levels. MAX232 can handle 4 lines, which would mean to use 16 pieces of MAX232 IC (only rx+tx, no hw flow control). I wonder if there is similar IC which can do more lines in single package... i think it would makes sense to have at least
Hello and thank you in advance for any advice I've built a few Wifi antennas in hopes of drawing in a signal from a few dozen meters away. I've had trouble figuring out how to translate the output from the antenna's SMA connector to my computer. I tried a cheap USB dongle, but it doesn't play well with linux (also didn't work on my windows dri
Hi, In my project, only GGA and VTG messages are needed, so I configured the module by NMEA protocol messages to disable all other messages. Everything works fine until after 135 seconds module sends a message: $PSRF150,0*3E which is "not OkToSend" -message. The serial port is completely halted for infinite time and no connection is possible to
hello, i turn around this probleme since any days did many tests without succes .. Impossible to get the ACK from slave device with A PIC16F1619 as Master I2C. I am using I2C remappable from MikroC This PIC uses PPS to map IN/out and fonctions I tested the I2C Bus with a SSD1306 LCD, a RTC DS3231 and an LCD+PCF8754 .. same problem On teh data s
Hi Thanks, the attached (schem and ltspirce sim) is a Dual Buck with the last stage with a sync fet and at 50kHz. I added a comparator to the COMP pin of the controller ?this being done so that the sync fet can be turned off as the load lightens, thus avoiding the sync fet possibly getting turned on for more than a switching period. I set the
Dear Members, What's the value for C1 and L1 for EMI filter, if I use 220V 50Hz ? Please see the schematic attached, Thanks 157434
Hi All, I'm not sure if this thread should be in Analog or Digital but here it goes. I'm trying to find out why the next circuit was done. It is an op amp configured as a voltage follower. The input of the op amp is an PWM and the output is connected to the control voltage of an LED driver ( to control the string current). I wonder why
Here's the Circuit, as shown in fig1, There's Supply from adapter(9.5V DC), there's also a supply from the battery(8.4V Max). Diodes used(D1,D2) are shottky diodes, with a typical drop of (0.3V-0.5V). The problem i was facing was even though battery voltage at given point of time is less than Adapter Voltage(ADPT), At TP3, I was still getting batte
In principle your design will work but it has some drawbacks, there is an easier way! The problems are that you drop some of the line voltage in the transformer primary and the voltage reaching the relay is pulsed DC which might make it 'chatter' rather than cleanly operate. You might have to use a MUCH larger transformer than necessary to keep t
Ridley is still very active and putting out new material. He has a Facebook power supply design group that you could join (I think - sort of a velvet-rope deal for many "interest" groups, so don't come all gimme-gimme). There has been a bit of progress in the last 7 years or so on every front. Power devices, magnetics, topologies. New
what do we mean when we say "current adds up in phase"? For a wire antenna, there's already a current arises from feed source and it causes antenna to radiate, then why we emphasize 'adds up in phase'. It sounds like we use a second source to increase the radiation. Doesn't it?
my current starved vco oscillations are dying out after some nanosecond. what could be the possible reasons? and how to rectify it?
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