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keil does not have inbuilt libraries for peripherals.. the user has to create it himself...
Are you using keil Tools and their RTX kernel or you are using in-house developed boot code. What Bluetooth IC are you using? You are yet planning for 8051 so is it really urgent :) You'll need to interface the IC with 8051 microcontroller using I/O ports. Then you'll need to configure those ports appropriately to access the (...)
I m using proteus 6.9 with keil to develop a 51 base LCD driver. I hv written the code and it displays strings and letters etc fine. problm arises whn i try to roll it to the I saw it in the data sheets,the code to move the whole display right (w/o changing DDRAM data) is 0x1C or 0x1E. i hv put a simple loop like for(i=0;i<16;i++) {
I want c code(driver) for pcf8583 connected to 8051. I want example of time/date settings, Reading time,date and setting alarm using 8051 for RTC 8583.
I am using AT89C51 to run a 24 seg, 4 com lcd using HT1621 driver. I am using C with keil uVision. Using the code below, all i get is 8 on segments. no matter what i write, those 8 segments will go on. rest of the segments will stay off... The segments which are on correspong to addresses 3, 4, 5 and 6 of HT1621. Please also explain why are
Dear all, Who have the experience which add a virutal com port in win98 os?Because I have a project which is a 8051 soc with usb 1.1 interface,but the keil mon51 only support the serial interace with the hardware platform,So I want to write a driver which add a virtual com port in win98 but all protocal convert with usb (...)