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Some state transitions aren't clearly annotated. In so far it's hard to say if the graph is correct. Which transitions are e.g. triggered by the reset input? Generally, this can't be the complete state machine description. There must be key-press detection and debouncing to make a working electronic lock. Also usually a time-out.
Hi, I need a very stable audio oscillator circuit that operates at a single frequency somewhere at 30Hz. Square wave is preffered and stability is the key point, since it will be used as a reference to lock a higher frequency oscillator. I would use a multivibrator, but how stable it should be if using low ppm resistors and capacitors? In that ca
In my car I use my key fob to lock/unlock my doors via RF. I can roll down the windows with the key fob via IR by holding down the unlock button. The problem with the IR is that I must be close to my driver's side door and have the fob pointed directly at the window in the door handle for it to work. The IR (...)
Hi, If you are using EM keypad, you need the coding circuitry for that I think. But if you are going to implement it in FPGA you can use simple push button keys and connect them to a mux and AND gate Circuit. A 4:1 mux can be used for 4 digit code. AND gate is for detecting if any key is pressed or not. Select line of the mux should come (...)
Oops - you leaned on the Caps-lock key. There are, of course, several tutorial examples, and if you use the filter design tool mentioned by BigBoss, you will probably need to have already decided at least some of the most basic things about the filter. 1. The construction form. Is it to be in microstrip, or is it resonant strips coupled rods,
I don't know for sure but you may need to call a routine which reads the keyboard queue. For the reason that normally we have to press CAPS lock to make the led go on and off. Until you press a key, the computer may not realize its status has changed and needs to be updated. Then you press a key, it detects a (...)
Hello everyone! I am trying to build a USB 2.0 switch to electronically switch 2 usb devices simultaneously between 2 different computers at the same time by the means of a key operated lock switch. The aim of this USB switch is the following: I have an electronic device which contains a pc motherboard and 2 other boards connected via USB to
A solution: Use this 16th key as a toggle switch (like the caps-lock on the PC keyboard) and store this state in a bit-variable, which will change the look-up tables (numeric <> alpha). An additional LED also can be lit to visualise the keyboard state (like on the PC keyboard :-)) Thus, you can use (...)
Hello, I am designing PIC16F886 based code lock project. Please provide me algorithm for the same and some important C code as an example, example of how to implement certain things in C, like how store password in temporary variable and how to compare entered password with stored password etc. When ever I press a key buzzer should beep to indi
Log off>> Welcome Screen Hibernate>> save RAM to disk and shutdown, so on power up it only restores disk file to RAM (equivalent to a power OFF but faster boot) Sleep> shuts off power to everything except RAM> touch any key or mouse to wakeup >> Usually used for Close Lid... for fastest wakeup mode
This digital lock can be used for protection of e.g. an electrical workshop when an ordinary metal key is not enough and you need a more advanced technology. It can be adapted to protect any room, drawer, safe, etc. Feature
I have an aftermarket remote start module in my car that has its own remote. The unit also has a test lead that will start the car when it is grounded momentarily. Since my car has an OEM remote to lock and unlock the doors built into the key, I would like to build a simple circuit possibly using CD4013 flip-flops to use a combination of (...)
Sir, I am doing a project in pic16f877a, with ps2 key board my project I need to toggle caps lock led, as a response of setting/resetting of caps lock button.But when I am transmitting the command having odd number of one's, response from the keyboard is 0xfc. As I am sending odd parity how it happens? can
Sir, I am doing a project in PIC16F877A .Here in my project,I want to collect data from ps2 key board, and it is to be displayed on LCD.But now I am facing some difficulties to lit the key board LED's individually. To lit caps lock led, I first send 0xed ,then I received 0xfa as (ACK) from key board.After that I (...)
I have a S3C2443 board (which supports eMMC) and a NAND flash chip, compliant with eMMC 4.4. I am able to perform other operation like boot, read/write, WP, lock/unlock, erase etc. I am trying to access the RPMB area but always getting the general failure. (I have not set the key, as it was also giving general failure) steps I took to (...)
hi... i want to make a Laser lock using using PIC16F877A. i just want to know how to program pic16f877a if i set port B with lcd, port C as input from laser(serves as key), port A as output to relay goin to solenoid lock. i hope somebody will grant may request.. thank you...
Hi everyone. My name is kumar. need ur help.. I wana build USB Thumb Drive Based key door lock So, the thumb drive will contain a secret password(or d serial number). It will unlock the door if the password is correct. so, basic idea, connect thumbdrive to PIC16F877A which will communicate to VB(to check password, (...)
Hi, I need a small circuit for student's project. it is about auto opened door. While hold the knob then the key auto release. how can i do it.. any advice please ?? I need the complete ciruit . thx in advance...
1.All doors are normally closed and locked through Magnetic lock. 2. Opening any door causes the second door to lock until the opened door returns to the closed position. 3. A key switch provides system on-off optional manual switch on the top of the door to operate the switch manually bypassing the automatic mechanism. (...)
Har, looks like I'm there too (that's not me) caraudio lock-key blueroomelectronics says... i want to know my caraudio lock-key. its a ford mondeo original audio. model: 6000CD RDS EON. serial number M014747 part no. 98AP-18C815-AA laktronics says... blueroomelectronics says... Yet another per