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Pl. any body help me to write c (or) asm code for 8051 to scan the 4x4 matrix key pad & displaed it 7seg display -i'm using 3 digit (000-999) , first digit is to be displayed start from left digit, 2nd digit in middle, last digit right .
With advance thank to whosoever replay to this mail, Kindly guide me idea using 8051 , to scan 4x4 matrix key pad and display on P1,P2,P3 and send it to other 8051 by RS232.
hey i have this graphic lcd (NHD-C12832A1Z-FSW-FBW-3V3) and a 3x4 keypad... i have to connect it to pic24h microcontroller in mplabx ide software.... graphic lcd is working on its own and key pad is working on its own.... i want to know how to connect these two together and write a c code. please help me
the '+' key in the num pad to zoom in and '-' key zoom out.
Hello, I am interfacing a 8 * 4 Matrix keypad on 80C51 Controller. I am using Port-1 - 4 Pins and Port 0 Full 8 Pins. Can anyone please give me the Assembly language Code for the same. I need to detect "key Pressed" and "key Released" Both. key Pressed has one function and key (...)
i am using keypad at transmitter side and lcd at receiver . if i press 1 on key pad ,it will display on receiver side LCD . i am using encoder HT12E and decoder HT12D. i have made program but not working properly . when i press 1 it saw alpha ,for 2=ohm and wise versa . i have tested on 4 led module .means when i (...)
LCD and 3X4 key pad interfacing and programming is ready, tested and working ?? If so make a delay routine for one second. if Timer is used, nested loop calling will be needed, even otherwise, time wasting routines will also require nested loops. The delays generated in either case will depend on the crystal frequency used and thus on the machine c
no it may be logical error i think there is no problem with keypad
You have two options, either use a 74C922 to scan the keyoad for you and let it present the key number to the Z80 input port, or, you can connect the output port to the keypad columns and the input port to the keypad rows directly. If you use the second method, your Z80 software should make (...)
Hi, In this forum, I already add some detail to add bond pad with encounter. Basically you need to add some key work in your lef pad file. If you did not find the thread, I could rewrite it. Rca
HI, I designed a key pad with a combination of 8-keys to print ASCII values in HYPER TERMINAL of WINDOWS -XP OS. I as working and i linked the video of it. now i need to access the MS-word with this combination of 8-keys. so that i can start recording the ASCII values in other words i need to replace (...)
89c51 key pad based door security system with voice announcement using assembly language You have anything else or just a photo?
dear all currently i am doing on program which is safe box by using PIC16F877a i got the key pad program which i write it b myself following are my code list p = 16f877a #include __CONFIG _CP_OFF & _WDT_OFF & _XT_OSC & _PWRTE_ON lcd_RS equ 1 lcd_write equ 0 lcd_op equ PORTD kpad_pat equ 20 (...)
Hi there Kindly anybody share me sample code for PIC with LCD and 3X4 key pad interfacing i am using CCS C compiler ............
Hello, I'm using the FT232RL from the altium library, but when I want to connect a trace to the pad, I can't get it on the pad. I can only start drawing from the pad to the trace. And when I do connect them, I get the key symbol on the trace and pad. What does this mean? And how can I fix this? 65105 (...)
Hi to ALL I anybody share me sample code for PIC with LCD and 4X4 key pad interfacing plssss i am using PCW CSS compiler ............ here are the pin info: Lcd in 4 bit mode D4..D7 to pic port RD4...RD7 RS = RC0 EN = RA4 RW = RA5 pls help
Hello! I don't understand what's missing. Well, I suppose your LCD has a touch panel, right? Then what about detecting the point where the LCD is touched, then calculating to which key it belongs, and act accordingly? Dora.
Hi every body I want a Function for scanning the 4*4 key pad , i am using MicroC compiler . I know that there is function in microC library but , I want to write my own please help me
HI, I am repeating... I am doing a project to get input data from a 4X3 matrix key pad (just as in mobile) and display it in lcd using pic 16f877A.... the keys are like (.,1),(abc2),(def3),............(wxyz9).... i dont know how to write code for key identification as it uses multiple character in a single (...)
Using Altium Designer 2009 to route out my PCB, I accidentally hit a unknown key combination on my keyboard and now all un-routed nets show up with two double slashes. Moreover, the center of each component pad shows up with a white dot. After connecting a trace between the pads, the un-routed net does not disappear. (...)