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Use the 74c922 keyboard decoder chip (with interupt line)
I'm not sure what you mean by pressing the 1*# keys. Do you need a special sequence? You can add a few "OR" diodes to you keyboard matrix, so when you press any key it sends an interrupt signal to the microcontroller. Here is an Atmel example: "AVR240: 4x4 Keypad - Wake-up on Keypress"
I would like to extend the capability of this MKC from the basic 64 key controller (there is also a 128 key available) to a full 8 octave keyboard... I know somhow we have to add more 3x8 decoder (74LS138) as to make a grid to cover all 8 octave (full piano keyboard) --- this is the easy part. the other thing to do is to reprogram (...)
Hello Everyone I am trying to interface a 4 by 4 matrix keyboard to a 8051 microcontroller. I am trying to interface it with using INTERRUPT. So i sincerely request you to give the schematic of 4 by 4 matrix keyboard. I would be connecting only 4 lines to the keyboard. one of them wold be to the interrupt.
Hi! I need some information on VHDL code for a PS/2 keyborad decoder. Thanks