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Board Intel DG31PR PS/2 keyboard working In bios settings means I can set bios settings with keyboard but when it goes to load operating system it get stop working checked with new keyboard and New HDD with new windows installation but problem not solved please tell how to trace the fault in motherboard. I also checked bios flashing but (...)
Actually In my view first of all you need to try writing some Custom code on Hardware (preferably ARM core like LPC2148 board ) like UART communication from PC, using internal ADC , keyboard interfacing .... then start integrating them in one application then you can use RTOS functionality to extend the codes .... refer this will help you - http
Get hold of a ps/2 keyboard and mouse (if ur motherboard has ports for them) and try... once in... plug the usb keyboard & mouse, delete the drivers and perform auto detect... then once the legacy drivers are found, try to search for latest drivers from the OEM website...
If my DIY piano/organ keyboard was to output audio then would a simple FM transmitter on the piano keyboard and a simple FM receiver on the tesla driver circuit, whose output feeds into pin 5 of a 555, be a reasonable way to achieve such a wireless link?
Hi, I wanted to emulate a PS2/mouse using a PIC microcontroller. I want my PIC16f877 based PS2 device to get initialized as a mouse when my PC starts up. I have written PS2 driver in PIC16f and i think it works fine becoz when i connect it to my keyboard PS2 port of PC and send make codes of keys say 0x1c for 'a' followed by 2 byte make cod
Have you tried to update your graphics driver and do you press 3 on the keyboard, I had an old laptop and still was able to view 3d graphics. Try this go to prefernces then PCB editor, Then display and make sure the direct x if possible is ticked use flyover zoom in directx is ticked you can aslo test your direct x from there wizpic
Generally, if you have a file, then that is put into the autoexec.bat. If you have a mouse.sys then that is put into the config.sys. You don't usually need a keyboard driver unless you have a non-standard keyboard; if you do, the procedure will be similar to that for the mouse. For instance: In autoexec.bat, you simply need the line: [
video BIOs is for the video related BIOS driver. sound BIOS is its own BIOS driver.(ie, sound related routines) the cpu BIOS , i think you are referring to the sytemboard BIOS(BIOS ROM) , contains drivers at BIOS level for all other devices. like , keyboard , serial , parallel port etc.
how to write device driver for 8*6 keyboard & 16*2 lcd character display using ?C/OS 2
1, USB device interface, without driver. application at Windows xp/vista, Linux operation system. 2, Low cost USB mcu , come from Taiwan. 3, The PC AP can be implemented and control usb mcu 4, Application at : Mouse,keyboard, 2.4G laser pen. KVM. medical instrument 5, Pass WHQL, EMI test. assist UL/CE/GE certi
1, USB hid interface device. without driver application at Windows xp/vista, Linux operation system. Especially USB keyboard host , the programmable mcu read usb key information, then transport data to other device with RS232. But the special funcation mice need fliter driver. We can development it. 2, Design&development the (...)
1, USB device interface, without driver and CD-ROM disk. application at Windows xp/vista, MAS operation system. 2, The AUTOPLAY AP can be loaded in SPI flash, not NOR/NAND flash, reduce cost. When the Capacity of flash is under 8M bytes, It combin usb hid class without hub. Such as MOUSE/keyboard add mass stroage
yeaH! something like this... (this was the first one i have seen.. I made one but i can't find the info in my disk...) this one looks great! I'll made one someday.. (you can use numeric PS/2 keyboard for input!)
Hi i am programming wince keypad driver using general purpose input/output i need to know which function is used by keyboard driver that displays the character that is pressed for example if i press 'a' and notepad is opened on wince then it should type 'a' on notepad i am using keybd_event() but its not working its is doing (...)
I have this program which i want to modify to control LED and reset the PIC via USART and VB6. i added some modifcation to allow LED on when it receive any data from USART. The code display text to an LCD. simulated this in proteus and i used virtual serial port driver. I need help to detect command or text output from keyboard to control LED. Here
Hi, How about "Print screen" option from the keyboard.... Regards Ramesh
I just wanted to post this link there's a free ps/2 keyboard driver on the download link. uses CCS compiler tho. might be useful to some, I'll try to use it when I'm up and running again, my pic just burnt :cry:
I write a dirver for mine keyboard . At the begining ,I use the irq for the keyboard driver. I write like #define KEYBD_IRQ 3 AT91_SYS->AIC_SMR = 0x04; if(request_irq(KEYBD_IRQ, keybd_Interrupt, 0, "keybd_Interrupt", (void *) 0)) { printk("\n Can not request %d irq! \n", KEYBD_IRQ); return -EBUSY; } when I press a ke
Dear All I want to use AT89C5232 to realize both the keyboard function and mouse function throught the same USB port. Because I hope the USB port in the host can recognize my configuration and automatically use the windows' default keyboard and mourse driver, so I do nothing on the computer side. My solution is: 1) Define two (...)
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